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25. March 2020 10:38

Covid19 Medical Supply Sourcing

Your heart is racing, globally everyone seems to need medical supplies at the same time.  Where can you go, and how can you tell which sources are valid?  At Adco Marketing we can immediately send you our W9 and complete any necessary paperwork to efficiently get into your approved vendor system.  That is the flexibility of a certified small, woman owned business with access to millions of N-95 and KN-95 masks, hand sanitizer, face shields, and other important equipment necessary to protect nurses, doctors, front line staff, essential service folks on the road from truck drivers and freight companies to grocery stores.  

Over the last weeks, we've adapted our logo promotional product business to accomodate those needs through expansion of our supply chain.  First off, why are these special masks so important?

As this graphic below indicates, our FDA Certified masks have multiple layers of protection to allow for filtered breathing.



Real KN95 Standard High quality protective Antibacterial and Virus Face Masks KN95 and N95 stop 95% of particles >0.3 microns in size. Help your customers and employees stay safe and healthy during these harsh times. Hanging ear design and removable hook & loop Strap helps effectively seal and prevents bacteria, fogging and more. Made of high-quality cotton and non-woven meltblown filter cloth, the multi ayer filtration system effectively prevents a series of viruses and airborne pollutants. Multiple protections to isolate dust, multiple layers of folding and good ventilation to double your protection from odors and so on.


Here at Adco Marketing the prices and availability of these masks and other important custom products are changing production time and availability daily, so call 888-332-2326 for most current updated prices.  Let's be safe out there!

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