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4. December 2017 08:57

5 Unique Swag Promotional Item Ideas

It's getting toward that time of year when new ideas are needed.  You've already handed out pens, power banks, mugs and sticky note pads.  Maybe it's time for some creativity!  We've seen a interest in tying phone apps to promotional items.  For example, have you ever handed out an umbrella that could tell you when it's going to rain?  Here at Adco Marketing we can add a hang tag, include the app for rain, and your logo pops up every time they use the app.


Idea One:  Reversible Umbrellas

Idea Two:  Mop Topper Fun Pens - a pen that cleans your screen, acts as a stylus and makes people smile.

Idea Three:  Full color blankets (go crazy with your logo!)  

Idea Four:  Hubs for cell phone and ipad connectivity.  (trust me your clients are tired of crawling under their desks, or running out of ports for their cell charging!)

Idea Five:  Blue tooth ear buds!  They are all the rage thanks to the new iphones.


Call us for more ideas, 415-927-2881, or 888-332-ADCO.

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Why?  From Las Vegas trade shows to rural Montana school yards to retail resale shops throughout the nation, pop sockets and figit spinners seem to be everywhere.  Of course those of us that bought the pet rock can only snicker now.  However, the difference is that these are functional, and actually have a use beyond the drawer.

Our custom trade show giveaway pop sockets can be used in a variety of ways.  Admittedly the figit spinners mainly spin and look cool, but also help with focus for figity folks.

These sockets expand out from the back of the casing when required, and in so doing open up a range of different modes and functions. For example, using one or both of the sockets you can position your iPhone in a number of “modes.” These include:

  • Surfing mode
  • Theater mode
  • Texting mode
  • FaceTime mode
  • Gaming mode

The logoed popsockets also make it easier to hold your iPhone on your shoulder, operate it securely when held in one hand, and secure it on a belt, pocket, or trouser top. But probably one of the most useful and likely popular functions is the ability to use the sockets for holding your earphones while keeping the cable away from the display.  Yep, even with the new blue tooth ear buds, we are still a cabled society!  See this cool video as well.  


Thanks for thinking of Adco Marketing for these unique promotional products

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For customer service week are you thinking of employees who work in customer service, who want to :
1.  Be reminded how much you appreciate them
2.  Be reminded what doing good customer service is all about.
So I would offer one item that is a high quality thank you type item that they could use everyday in the office -  our copper insulated tumblers is what first comes to mind.  Second item  - similar but for water is our s'well style bottles.  
‚ÄčThen something with words on it, reminding them - Smile when on phone (it makes their voice sound more peppy), prompt service, etc - I would offer something with a mirror that would be fun like these mirror phone stands:
Or a custom cube with various pro service slogans on the sides:
Finally since it will be October - how about an umbrella?
We've got this amazing new one on our site which lets you jump in your car without getting the seat wet:
Give our experienced sales staff a call at Adco Marketing for more customer service week ideas.  Or here is an service week article with fun links.  If you are doing a big customer service party, then we also offer custom plates, frisbees, and toys like our new figit spinners - helpful when we are stuck on long phone calls!

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Backpacks aren't cool, I know.  I can't tell you how many times my daughter refused to carry her backpack to school especially once middle school was done.  However, they are the best way to make sure you actually can find all your books, pens, cell phone, calculator and more.  So the tradition continues of summer backpack purchases for back to school.  Let's talk a bit about kinds of backpacks with your logo that can be purchased, then we can go into the "stylish" types too, known as fashion backpacks.


The least expensive backpack is called a drawstring bag.  It's lightweight, holds your PE clothes, maybe some items for a sleepover, or a day hike.  They are actually our most popular backpack.  There are a few different materials to choose from, from nylon to non woven to cotton.  I like the nylon the best.  Below are some photos and links for these drawstring backpacks.  Lots of room for logos, so people really like them!

High Strength Custom Drawstring Backpacks in Polyester, String-A-Ling


The next backpack most often purchased are our smaller backpacks, perfect for elementary age students.  Anything shorter than 17 inches in height fits the bill.  We like the light weight nature of this backpack particularly.  The smaller kids have enough trouble carrying their books, a super crazy Jansport probably wont' get a lot of use.

 Terrapin Custom Back to School Backpacks - screened or embroidered

Finally, kids today are asked to carry ipads, computers back and forth more and more often to school.  So our array of computer backpacks are perfect and fit any budget.  The Rangeley backpack has a funny name, but seriously was our number one selling backpack last year.  Great padded back to school backpack.   Charcoal is the new black, so that's all the range, and most school logos look great on this.  How about our lovely new backpack from gemline, great for back to school!


Charcoal Graphite Slim 15” Custom Computer Backpack

Got a fashion oriented school?  Our messenger style bags are perfect for back to school in high school.  These are not high school backpacks exactly, but with fewer books going back and forth these days, my daughter gets away with these styles no problem.


 elleven Transit Tablet Messenger Bag with custom imprint for iPads, tablets and computers.

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Conference and tradeshows have thousands of booths, (and dollars) at stake.  How to make the most from your booth experience? Adco Marketing provides items ranging from Table Cloths, Banners, and Popup Displays to assist with the look and feel of your booth.  Your colors should be coordinated, but not so bright as to distract from the actual product or service you are selling.  These are long term purchases, and we recommend thinking about future shows as well.  For example, we have a custom table cloth that is "convertible" from six feet to eight feet, offering much flexibility.

Second to consider after the visuals are in place, is the flow of the booth.  If it's a small 10 x 10 booth, you might consider putting your "table" off to the side, allowing for a more accessible relationship with the convention attendees, rather than the more intimidating, less welcoming "two people sitting behind a table" format.  Regardless, its going to be important to provide an interesting promotional product gift that is actually useful, and fun, not something to be thrown immediately into a drawer.  However the cononundrum is that those "throw away" items are the kind people gravitate to, thinking of their kids at home, or immediate needs of hunger - Like for example stress balls,  custom chocolates, a pen, etc.  

The more useful the item, the longer it stays with your client, reminding them over and over about your company.  When we studied the "marketing ROI" return on promotional products for trade shows, we got some amazing results.  Far better than say from handing out a brochure about your company product and services.

  • 94 percent could recall a promotional product they had received in the past two years
  • 89 percent could also recall the advertiser
  • 83 percent reported that they liked receiving promotional products
  • 48 percent would like to receive promotional products more often
  • 69 percent generally keep the promotional product


Promotional products are powerful, both as effective forms of communication and as useable, necessary tools. The following results reveal just how seamlessly promotional products integrate into life, impacting the daily routines of the recipients.

  • 91% had at least one promotional product in their kitchen
  • 74% had at least one promotional product in their work area
  • 55% had at least one promotional product in their bedroom closet/storage space

 So if you'd like a lasting presence whether in the home or the office, select your trade show giveaways wisely, and give Adco Marketing a call for ideas!  888-332-ADCO.


Posted by KarenAlcorn1



My goodness where is my umbrella?  Winter and rain snuck up on me this year, and perhaps your customers as well!  Be the hero, save your clients from bad hair days with our custom umbrellas!  Indeed, it's time to choose your next custom promotional product.  We've had incredible success with our newest custom umbrella, the rebel.  When you are looking for unique umbrellas, and you don't want your seat in the car to get wet, check this one out!


Here is a video that looks pretty cool too of me attempting to demonstrate this custom umbrella in a storm!


But often we like to go back to basics and year after year our custom umbrella, the revolution has stood out from our competition.  This umbrella, purchased in bulk with your logo on it can stay in the brief case, purse or car.  It's got a nice soft rubber handle and feels terrific!

The Revolution Folding Promotional Umbrellas with Rubber Handle - Custom Umbrella

Often when people purchase custom umbrellas it's because they want their logo to be seen!  But what about the summer months?  Always pay a little extra to print the tie. That way when it's closed you are still getting that exposure.


Our custom umbrellas vary quite a bit in size.  Maybe in a big city, or planning for that next golf tournament, a large umbrella would be nice.  This mojo golf umbrella is one of our best sellers.  We take just a nice wide umbrella, but add things like "vents" which keep you and your umbrella from blowing away in that wind storm.


Call our dedicated staff at Adco Marketing to hear more about these promotional umbrellas or other winter giveaways like our custom beanies and see videos of that new rebel umbrella as well.  Our number is 888-332-ADCO.

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Trade show giveaways are HOT HOT HOT right now!  Everyone wants the latest coolest thing.  Gone are the days when the budget pen, a white ceramic mug, or a rally towel are enough to get the attention of that valuable potential client browsing past your booth.  What are the latest gifts for trade shows?  Here are the HOT ones this year:

 Mop Topper Pens - designed as a technology gift under two dollars,but fun and eye catching.  Eye catching is the key term - no, not our eye ball stress reliever, but actual fun looking items that bring people to at least have a stop and look see at your items.  These fun unique pens tackle all the needs - creative and cool, stylus pen, and screen wipe all in one.  Check out the highligher mop topper as well! 

Ice Heat Packs with aqua beads.  This trade show attention getter sure got our attention.  Beware, others may sell this for a bit less, but the quality suffers.  (you don't want it to burst when put in the microwave).  Whether as a wrist rest or custom ice pack these colorful tradeshow giveaways will be a godsend for your clients.  Think of all the fun slogans...  "the cool company", "stay cool with"  etc.


Need a higher end trade show gift?  Beyond our number one selling jolt powerbank, you may want to stretch into our new circle power banks or flat slim style.  Our new bottles are the same features as the S'well bottle at retail with a high perceived value for a lower cost.  Same with the Yeti style tumbler - our polar tumbler keeps ice cold for so long even when you leave it in the hot car the inside drink is nice and cool.


So yes, for "cool trade show giveaways", literally cool gifts from ice packs and water bottles to fun unique pens, Adco Marketing is the place to start!

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Nice booth, brochures at the ready, company banner hung, staff ready to talk to people.  What else could you need?  Well actually, quite a bit more.  We break it into three categories here at Adco Marketing.

1.  Table top gifts.  These are inexpensive promotional items to grab the eye of those walking past your booth.  Whether it's our custom cell phone wallets in fun colors, our new aqua bead ice/hot packs, or even a variety of colorful pens, color draws people into the booth for sure.  Once there your sparkling personalities are needed to keep them chatting while you "vet" them to see if they might be a nice potential real client.  It's helpful in this case to also have a game going, or a drawing, something where they can win other promotional items, or a coupon for your particular services.

2.  Under the table gifts.  These are the higher end promotional products such as our power banks, a nice travel tumbler, or a sunshade that might be useful and suitable for executives and potential buyers you feel might really be nice for followup after the conference.  This useful promotional item will help them remember your company, and keep your logo and website nearby after the event whether the item is for their car, their office, or their home.

3.  After the conference mailer gifts.  This is the most critical component for trade show returns on investment.  (ROI)  Have purchased a post tradeshow mailer ahead of time.  (Let's face it your team will be tired after the show, they may not make those phone call followups right away)  Whether our simple magnetsm coasters,  or a mailer related to your "theme", something that retriggers the memory is necessary.  With our twenty plus years in business, our staff can help you design the appropriate post tradeshow followup promotional piece to help seal the deal.

We love helping our customers make their tradeshows a success! Call 888-332-ADCO for more cool ROI tradeshow ideas!

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15. March 2016 06:37

Full Color Logos

Quite often our clients would like to put their full color logos on our promotional products.   However our experienced staff can show you which trade show giveaways can hold these complex logos. In the case of a pen for example, this can often be difficult, but not with our full color pens, an example of which is below:

Maybe your logo has half tones and shading?  We know it looks so cool, and often customers are quite sad when we explain that the custom travel mug cannot show half tones.  But rejoice, because new full color technology is all the rage and now we can show those full color imprints on a variety of items from backpacks and pens to power banks and cell phone wallets.  Sometimes the digital printing processes take a bit longer, perhaps a week or more, so be sure to call Adco Marketing first and look at what might work for your event date.

Need to hand out some fun full color imprint promotional products such as lip balms, custom candy bags or microfiber cloths?  Adco Marketing is here to help.  Go crazy with these cloths below with nice large imprint areas in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Great under a dollar promotional giveaway!





Really nice quality lip balms hold a logo as well with full color - just ask us to show how your logo looks on these unique, high quality Made in the USA lip balms.  It sounds like a sales pitch, but really in terms of products made in the USA, we do an exceptional job with our lip balms.  Whether with SPF, tinted, or just a really nice assortment of flavors, we rock the full color imprinting on these!




And for a higher end promotional item with full color logo, our custom travel mugs now can be printed with that super cool logo as well!  See the exceptional detail and close registration on the artwork below.




Adco Marketing 888-332-2326


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8. February 2016 08:31

Budget Printed Promotional Products

Promotional products range from the incredibly useful such as phone charging cords and phone battery packs (called power banks) to the slightly more "fun" side of life including smiley face emoticon stress balls and cool looking unique pens.  Going with functional items does not need to be expensive - indeed our 3m postit notes are as low as $.37 each and honestly even with all the computers and tablet devices in the world, once in a while you still need a decent sticky note to scribble down that important information!  No one will throw them away if they are at your tradeshow booth, and they get a nice long desk life especially if you can do one that is 50 sheets or 100 sheets thick.  

Speaking of functional items, Adco Marketing produces these really great coasters.  Unless you are going to use your iphone for a coaster (not recommended!), these are another item not going anywhere.  Whether it's the full color stone coasters, or the custom cork coaster, or even the pub coasters made from cardboard, what a terrific promotional item on a budget!  

Finally when you are on a tight convention trade show budget, even though you've spent thousands on your booth space, we recommend giving out a logo item more than your brochure (and full color brochures aren't cheap these days).  The average pen lasts two years and is owned by eight people - that's great exposure!  Try our javalina pen for under fifty cents for a cute pen that still writes really well.  Even our custom memory flashdrives are now under five dollars and you can load that brochure and your corporate video onto there.

Adco Marketing has lots of products under a dollar, so give us a call to find some other budget promotional ideas!  Yes, even our car chargers are under two dollars now...

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