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Are businesses ordering promotional products during a pandemic? Yes. What and Why? We’re glad you asked…

Evolution of Swag

People usually think of keychains, tote bags, shirts and the like when considering a promotional product. While those are all indeed a big part of the business there are a million and one other items you may not normally associate with corporate “swag.” These are crazy times and our industry has changed and evolved to meet the current needs.

Protect the Zombies

Our top moving items at present are Personal Protection Equipment. We have gloves, facemasks, face shields, PPE Kits, thermometers, social distancing floor stickers, hand sanitizer and anything else you need to keep your valued employees safe.

We have provided these necessary supplies to hospitals, banks, schools, and even for the crew and cast a popular zombie tv series. (Yes, THAT one!) 

We have also donated hundreds of masks to our local Marin community, specifically for at risk families. Adco Marketing is local family business and we are honored to help keep our community safe. 

You touch it, you own it. 

We all know it’s important to be careful with what we touch and that’s why pens and writing instruments are in big demand. Gone are the days of pens on chains attached to counters. Now businesses are providing clients with pens to use for signing receipts and documents that leave with the customer. This is a good thing for giving your business lots of repeat exposure. Your logo on a pen will travel far and be seen often. It’s like the Dr. Suess book “Oh, the places you’ll go!” 

Home Sweet Work 

So many of us are working remotely and it’s more important than ever for businesses to keep connected and take care of their employees. This can be as simple as providing them with office supplies like our desk in box kit or flags and sticky notes to getting a little more creative with Zoom happy hours.



Our De-stress Express Kit or a relaxing aromatherapy humidifier. A water bottle to make sure they stay hydrated and an avocado slicer for healthy lunchtime prep are little gestures that will make a big impact to let your employees know they matter. 

Next time…. 

Backyard Camp outs, Family Movie Nights, Rediscovering Outside, Happy Pets and other Silver Linings of a Worldwide Pandemic. 



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15. May 2020 03:52

Reopening Checklist for States

As we enter our various phases across the nation, often states are posting reopening checklists.  For example checkout this one for Ohio:  https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/covid-19/checklists/english-checklists/businesses-employers-covid-19-checklisthttps://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/covid-19/checklists/english-checklists/businesses-employers-covid-19-checklist

At Adco Marketing we have all the items to get you ready to operate safetly for both your employees and your customers.  Your employees may need individual PPE kits with their easy to carry gloves, sanitizer and mask. 


Customers need to know where to stand and sit!



Facemasks, hand sanitizer, social distance floor stickers, sneeze guards, and gloves are all available immediately. Our reopening section has lots of ideas. Call our experts to discuss as well the gifts for your essential workers, putting themselves at risk each day, perhaps it's time to give them logo hand sanitizer, custom water bottles, safe open door handle key chains, and more!

Call 888-332-2326 or email sales@adcomarketing.com for the latest information on how to open safely with logo promotional products.

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We are pleased to help out during this time going beyond our normal promotional product offerings.  We have millions of masks in stock here in the US ready to ship. Are you off to the grocery store?  Heading back to work as we start to open up again?  Protect yourself but more importantly keep from spreading to others by wearing a mask for all outdoor activities.  The CDC advises all Americans to wear masks.


Erin Call wears a mask as she shops for groceries at Harmons grocery store Friday, April 3, 2020, in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

The following masks can ship within 24 hours of ordering!


USA Made Masks that are washable and comfortable to wear.  Link

Disposable Masks

Maybe you'd like to logo your mask?  Absolutely we can produce those as well in 1-3 weeks.


Call 888-332-2326 for immediate orders and inventory counts.


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19. July 2019 10:11

What is trending in bags

Need retail fashion bags?  How about a conference bag with a little style?  Looks like here is what in:


Vintage inspired shapes are big including flap shoulder bags with tailored handles.  The textured leathers such as stamped croc, python and other faux materials.  Boutique bags that are laminated Lu Lu Lemon style are also seeing an increase in sales on the retail side as well as the convention side of bag purchases.


Geometric shapes are emerging as the newest trend including a circular bag, globe shape and even trapezoid shapes.


Handbags offering practical function such as ipad carriers, are always in the news.


And finally yes fanny packs are back.  What goes around comes around (of course with a few extra inches "around" for those of us aging in the middle body...)


So grab your custom brightly colored tote bags from Adco Marketing and hit the trade show scene in style!  Think lime green and tangerine bags.  Give Adco Marketing a call at 888-322-ADCO to get our expert trending bag advice!

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18. January 2019 09:36

Promotional Marketing Dreams

We get it.  Your company wants marketing items.  Creative, unique, high quality, and budget priced.  Staring wistfully at a page full of power banks, and another of colorful copper walled tumblers, you sigh and click on the javalina pen, and the white ceramic mug.  But wait!  Our design team is ready to advise you on other options in whatever price range you need for your events and client marketing gifts.  If you still order the pen and mug, let us play with your art, come up with a creative tag line, or perhaps a city scape at the bottom to jazz up even the most budget of products.  Our under a dollar promotional items range from cell phone wallets and ice packs to jar openers and cell phone holders. 


Wait!  A bad dream a week later...  It's the last moment and you need a custom table cloth for the trade show booth, oh and do we carry custom napkins for that receiption you are hosting?  

We get it.  Budgets open up, event dates change, shipping locations change, logos change, taglines change - it's that kind of world.  You need a flexible marketing ideas type of company that rolls with the punches right?  Call us, the experts who have tested all the items on our site and offer many more not shown.

Let Adco Marketing fulfill your marketing dreams, one pen at a time...  888-332-2326.  sales@adcomarketing.com 

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Categories: General | Tradeshow Giveaways

We resolve to carry unique promotional products to enhance your tradeshows and client executive gifts. 

We promise to provide excellent creative art services for those of you who need some help designing that coaster or custom mug with more than just your logo.

Our New Years resolution is to offer more than 5000 products that can ship in 24 hours or less! 

Adco Marketing will ship on time with UPS, FEDEX, or Trucking services throughout the world. 

And we will provide unique ideas and virtual vignettes to help your committee and team choose the best product for your needs. 

We ship free samples throughout the United States daily and will continue to do so for 2019 marketing campaigns.

Welcome to 2019, it's going to be a fabulous year!  Our family run business continues to provide outstanding service beyond great prices.  Order from us and get a friend for life!  You'll fall in love with our wonderful staff, I promise.


Karen Herzog


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7. January 2016 04:09

Convention Tradeshow Giveaways

We've been supporting these tradeshows for years, many of which begin and end in Las Vegas.  

Whether you are looking for tote bags,

Horizon Custom Tote Bag in poly canvas with your custom logo

Conference agenda notepads

Cinna Notebook and Pen - custom conference notebook or journal

or custom pens under a dollar, or the latest in tech promotional products, Adco Marketing is the place to start.  Exhibiting or attending the Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society (HIMSS16) Annual Conference & Exhibition? How about the Limousine and Chauffeured Transportation - 2016 International Limousine Charter & Tour Show?   We also provide many giveaways for exhibitors to the Nightclub and Bar Show .   Great idea for the Limousine show -

Custom Etched Flutes champagne flutes

to higher end executive gifts, make sure your booth gets noticed.  We can help you design a contest for your booth so that you can give away inexpensive items on the table such as custom mints and highlighters, and then save the higher end items such as power banks and selfie sticks for vetted potential customers.  Call Adco Marketing for more creative Las Vegas convention tradeshow giveaways!

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