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8. February 2016 08:31

Budget Printed Promotional Products

Promotional products range from the incredibly useful such as phone charging cords and phone battery packs (called power banks) to the slightly more "fun" side of life including smiley face emoticon stress balls and cool looking unique pens.  Going with functional items does not need to be expensive - indeed our 3m postit notes are as low as $.37 each and honestly even with all the computers and tablet devices in the world, once in a while you still need a decent sticky note to scribble down that important information!  No one will throw them away if they are at your tradeshow booth, and they get a nice long desk life especially if you can do one that is 50 sheets or 100 sheets thick.  

Speaking of functional items, Adco Marketing produces these really great coasters.  Unless you are going to use your iphone for a coaster (not recommended!), these are another item not going anywhere.  Whether it's the full color stone coasters, or the custom cork coaster, or even the pub coasters made from cardboard, what a terrific promotional item on a budget!  

Finally when you are on a tight convention trade show budget, even though you've spent thousands on your booth space, we recommend giving out a logo item more than your brochure (and full color brochures aren't cheap these days).  The average pen lasts two years and is owned by eight people - that's great exposure!  Try our javalina pen for under fifty cents for a cute pen that still writes really well.  Even our custom memory flashdrives are now under five dollars and you can load that brochure and your corporate video onto there.

Adco Marketing has lots of products under a dollar, so give us a call to find some other budget promotional ideas!  Yes, even our car chargers are under two dollars now...

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18. April 2012 09:19

Sustainable Promotional Items

Did you know that Adco Marketing has access to millions of sustainable promotional products? We don't always have time to put everything on our website, so if you don't see what you're looking for, just give us a call. We can even help you find the product you want that is produced in the state you are ordering from if that is your wish. We can help you find just about anything! I love to search the catalogues and find new favorites to share with you. With Earth Day just around the corner, I'm thinking sustainable promotional items, and here are some of the best!

EcoShapes™ Recycled Die Cut Notebook: Globe

Die Cut Recycled Cardboard Journals are on Sale this week at ADCO for only $2.20 each. That means you can really promote your company's commitment to the environment without spending too much!

Eco/Recycled Jotter

This smaller Eco/Recycled Jotter is also a great way to give something useful, that people will hang on to that helps promote recycling and your company! And at only   99 cents, it is a great bang for the less-than-a-buck!

This is one of my absolute favorites, and I think that it is a great and unique item for businesses who want to make a difference! The Recycled Cardboard Business Card Holder is charming, afordable at only a dollar, and a great conversation starter. I love the design and the embossed logo. You'll love it, too.

Folding Fan




One of our most sustainable materials is Bamboo. Did you know that 
Bamboo is a grass? It is the fastest growing woody plant on earth. When bamboo are cut, the underground system of roots remains intact and the plant quickly sends up new shoots. Quick and easy regeneration makes bamboo a great choice for sustainability. Adco Marketing has access to bamboo products for your consideration, all of which can be personalized with your company logo. 

3002-31 - Bamboo ClipProduct ImageI love ths ease and style of this Bamboo Clip and Ceramic Tumbler, classy and sleek Bamboo Click Pens as low as $1.50! These folding fans make a great summer event crowd pleaser! Available for under $2. with your company logo!

If you have any questions about the wonderful world of sustainable promotional items, please call us at 1-888-332-ADCO (2326) or send us an email, sales@adcomarketing.com and we'll be happy to help you!

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We have some of the most creative credit union promotional products in the industry.  Whether your message is we save you money, or we have a personal service major banks cannot provide, we have the item to best reflect your goals.  Some of our companies hand these out on location when a person opens a new account.  More commonly these promos are given at home shows, local fairs and as mailers.


Credit Union marketing campaigns can be greatly enhanced by using our custom memo flag books sporting a dollar sign.  Available with a minimum order of 150 pieces and priced in two categories, these will be the ideal giveaway.  The first is a matchbook style with colorful flags.  The second around two dollars is our heavier cover, designed to last in the purse or briefcase for a long time. These dollar sign sticky note books are unique and new to the marketing giveaway programs for credit unions.  Be the first to pass out these dollar sign books!


Another credit union promo is the always fun dollar sign stress reliever.  Use it's ample imprint area to show off your logo and the different features you offer.  Perhaps you have a higher than average rate of return, or a new website to promote.  Either way, your dollars are safe here!


Trying to encourage saving is another great gift of a credit union.  Our custom piggy banks are retro promos, fun to distribute, and always great for those new accounts for kids.  Take advantage of our low minimums and creativity to create a nice slogan to match! Please take advantage of the fun credit union promos and promotional products offered by Adco Marketing.  With free rush production and our unique take, we are sure to find a solution for your campaign.  Call 888-332-ADCO!



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17. December 2010 05:31

Syringe Pens

This unique medical promotional product is such a fun and creative thing to give away!  Whether you are attending a tradeshow and need something more exciting than the traditional pen, or needing something for your conference, Adco Marketing is the place to be.  Our website, www.adcomarketing.com should lead you to all kinds of options.  But if you want to stay unique then perhaps you can consider our pens that look like shots.  (trick your friends too they are harmless).

Our syringe pens are available in lots of fun colors.  Also these actually write well.  In other words they aren't simply a gimic designed just for a laugh, but are fully functional.  Here at Adco Marketing we are happy to offer a variety of unique items in the medical industry from heart stress relievers to lungs.


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