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13. April 2010 06:22

Conference Promotional Items

We're excited to offer a number of conference items to help you get organized for your 2010 conference needs.  Will your conference offer workshops?  If well you may need some conference note books as well as a few promotional pens.  Will the conference include booths or a trade show element?  If so you may need to purchase custom banners, custom tote bags or other types of conference bags including plastic, recycled, organic cotton and more.

At Adco Marketing we offer one stop conference shopping.  Pickup your badge holders (because after all, you need to identify conference attendees), as well as your dress shirts to wear at your booths.  Indeed we offer a variety of embroidered polos for conferences which makes security and conference staff easy to identify.

When selecting a source for conference items, be sure to ask about production time.  At Adco Marketing we can produce rush conference items in just 24 hours.  (but we're sure you'll be more proactive than that!)  We do not penalize for those crisis situations however as most of our promotional products do not have a rush charge.

Finally conference items usually include conference tote bags, conference lanyards, conference badge holders and more.  Be sure you talk to experts... (like us as we're based in the United States and have been working with conference gifts for years.  For example we'll remind you to select your speaker gifts ahead of time.  (bet you didn't think of those, did you?). 

This conference messenger bag is a perfect option for that higher end conference where a younger crowd in a technology field might be your target audience.

Thank you for considering Adco Marketing for your conference gifts as well including engraved awards, engraved pens, and engraved paperweights all of which can be produced in smaller quantities.  We're at 888-332-ADCO!

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