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14. May 2010 04:33

Safety Promotional Products

At Adco Marketing we love helping companies with their safety programs.  A key element of most safety programs is some kind of incentive for the employees or staff to use safe procedures.  We can design your program from start to finish.  Perhaps they collect points which can then be used for logo merchandise such as our custom apparel, custom umbrellas or promotional product items.  Alternately you can offer safety awards for number of days without accidents, number of disability days taken, etc.  Our safety awards can be in promotional paperweights, custom clothing or perhaps additional safety items such as custom emergency kits.

To have a safe workplace you must offer the appropriate safety tools as well.  Our custom safety vests are ANSI certified and we offer the custom jackets and safety fleece jackets as well.  Let your employees be seen from afar to protect their safety.  Additionally the safety glasses help whether on the job or in the classroom.  Protecting your employees is a number one priority for Adco Marketing.  Check out the variety of safety promotional items for your next safety program.  Call 888-332-ADCO for even more ideas.

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