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17. June 2010 17:05

Custom Market Umbrellas

Need to dress up your cafe or restaurant with custom market umbrellas?  Studies have shown people are more likely to enter cafes that show ample outdoor seating.  Basically your purchase of these will not only dress up your location but draw people in as well who might normally drive past.  There are a few things to consider when looking at custom market umbrellas.  The first and most important is your logo.  Most of these have two areas for imprint - the panels on the top of the umbrella, and then the "valance" which are the things hanging beneath the panels.  Ours are available with and without valances.  Most decide to imprint on just one or two panels - beyond that they tend to look a bit tacky.  However if you have multiple sponsors then you have between 6 and 8 panels of imprint area.


For more information on custom market umbrellas please call 888-332-ADCO!  Below is an example of our patio umbrella - however the market umbrellas come in similar colors.  The difference tends to be in durability and size.  We can advise you on what fits your particular area.

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