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We have some of the most creative credit union promotional products in the industry.  Whether your message is we save you money, or we have a personal service major banks cannot provide, we have the item to best reflect your goals.  Some of our companies hand these out on location when a person opens a new account.  More commonly these promos are given at home shows, local fairs and as mailers.


Credit Union marketing campaigns can be greatly enhanced by using our custom memo flag books sporting a dollar sign.  Available with a minimum order of 150 pieces and priced in two categories, these will be the ideal giveaway.  The first is a matchbook style with colorful flags.  The second around two dollars is our heavier cover, designed to last in the purse or briefcase for a long time. These dollar sign sticky note books are unique and new to the marketing giveaway programs for credit unions.  Be the first to pass out these dollar sign books!


Another credit union promo is the always fun dollar sign stress reliever.  Use it's ample imprint area to show off your logo and the different features you offer.  Perhaps you have a higher than average rate of return, or a new website to promote.  Either way, your dollars are safe here!


Trying to encourage saving is another great gift of a credit union.  Our custom piggy banks are retro promos, fun to distribute, and always great for those new accounts for kids.  Take advantage of our low minimums and creativity to create a nice slogan to match! Please take advantage of the fun credit union promos and promotional products offered by Adco Marketing.  With free rush production and our unique take, we are sure to find a solution for your campaign.  Call 888-332-ADCO!



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2/16/2011 5:31:52 PM #

Piggy Bank are the ideal promotional product, especially during tax return period! Agreed those items effectively promote saving behavior…maybe promotional calculator are an alternative promotional tool in this period

Julien Pradier Hong Kong S.A.R.

5/5/2011 5:02:55 AM #

Those are really cute and cool items. Perfect giveaways for credit unions.

Promotional Products United States

7/17/2011 2:40:46 PM #

Those piggy banks are really cute! They underscore the importance of saving and the best part is, it's a credit union that is promoting it!

Sarah Brisbane Australia

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