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Debossing and embossing are two techniques used to imprint images onto paper, leather, or vinyl. In embossing, an image is pressed into the material so that the image raises from the surface. Debossing is the opposite of embossing; the area around the image is pressed so that the image is pushed down into the material rather than raised.  Our promotional padfolios are usually debossed, because the logo won't rub off over time and our customers love the permanence of it. Our Leeds brand padfolios are some of our most popular for this method.

To emboss an image, a logo or artwork must be used as a template in order to cut a metal die and a corresponding counter-die. Dies are made of brass, copper, or magnesium. Brass dies are stronger and they will last longer with repeated use. They are used for multi-level and detailed designs, such as an imprint of a human face. Copper, though usually cheaper than brass, will not withstand as many impressions and it will not be as effective for multi-level printing. Magnesium is much weaker than brass and copper, and it is used one time for simple, single-level impressions.

Why is the deboss so much more costly for the die the first time you order?   Metal costs a bit more, but we do save it for many years so it's just a one time cost here at adco Marketing.  There are several debossing techniques. A blind deboss is used with screen-printing or foil stamping. With the screen process, the art or design is first printed onto the material and then the outline of the print is debossed using a die exactly registered to the silk screen print. . Debossing is less complicated than embossing, and when done in conjunction with silk screen printing, it results in a colorful and more detailed rendering of artwork and lettering.  So go for it for your next custom padfolio order - deboss the logo, and maybe add a colorful silk screen as well for a nice custom holiday gift.  Whether you need a junior padfolio, leather padfolio, or personalized padfolio, we hope you'll choose deboss on your next order!

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