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As January approaches and we all buckle down for the cold winter, the select few of us are actually ramping up for our January tradeshows and conferences.   It is likely that your tradeshow will be based in a warmer climate such as Las Vegas.  Las Vegas conference giveaways range from the traditional custom pen, custom water bottle or promotional sticky notes, to the more unique promos such as our new custom iphone covers, conference Elleven padfolios by Leeds, or even the more wild jelly fish yoyo items.

When considering your January tradeshow giveaways, remember that most likely folks are flying in for the conference.  Meaning that even though you got a great deal on a 48 pack custom cooler bag (since it's winter they are on sale), it might be a bit large to fit into their luggage going home.  Additionally, we suggest providing several tiers of promotional product giveaways.  The less costly items such as printed pens, and custom sticky cubes on the table, with the nicer items under the desk after they fill out a special form or seem like a "real" potential customer.  This might include our new custom travel mugs or maybe a nicer tote bag.

Speaking of tote bags, that is our number one selling item for Las Vegas Tradeshows, and conference giveaways.  Need something a bit nicer - maybe our promotional embroidered briefcases which start at just $7 each.  Call 888-332-ADCO for more ideas.  If you are organizing a conference we are happy to assist with getting sponsors and fitting multiple logos on our products.

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