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Whew the rain has come!  When looking at custom umbrellas there are three questions we recommend knowing the answers to:

1.  Is it for a single person, or are you wanting to be able to "share" - if share, you want an arc bigger than the 48" standard, probably the 56" minimum for that.

2.  How often will your logo get seen?  If you don't live in Seattle, odds are that umbrella is closed much of the year.  If so, we recommend printing the sleeve and/or the tie.

3.  Is your custom umbrella needed for a golf tournament, or as a customer gift?  How important is presentation and how much room do you have for assembly?  Umbrellas come with lots of packaging - plastic, cardboard strips, etc - so you'll need a bin near by for assembly, or better yet get them all unpacked and cleaned up before your handout event.

Please consider Adco Marketing for your custom umbrellas  - we love to give advice on anything from school color umbrellas to what is the least expensive umbrella that won't bust in the wind!  Email sales@adcomarketing.com with any promotional umbrella questions.  The Thank You umbrella is our most unique - check it out!

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