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Promotional tote bags vary so much these days in quality!  You might be thinking "what a deal" - a tote bag for only a dollar!  Here is the good news - those dollar tote bags are actually super strong, made of what we call "non woven poly" material.  Often they can hold up to 30 lbs.  (so yes you can carry these to your next bowling party...)  However, often when purchasing a tote bag, the customer may be thinking of canvas bags, and assuming these are going to have that texture and feel of canvas.  In actuality, a canvas tote bag is more along the lines of $3 each.  This is because cotton went up throughout the world in the past year.  An interesting alternative to both of these items is a new bag called "laminated non woven bags ".  You might have seen these custom grocery totes in Trader Joes' for example.  The Trader Joe's  tote bag has a glossy feel to it - and can have wonderful full color images.  If you are looking for custom tote bags or bulk tote bags and aren't sure what style you need, call Adco Marketing at 888-332-ADCO for advice!


Pictured below are a couple of other "non woven" style tote bags - one is our Big Thunder insulated tote - keeps goods cold for hours - great for grocery delivery or catering services.



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