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17. July 2012 04:04

Organic Cotton Tote Bags

Organic Cotton Grocery Tote

The best part about buying organic is the support we are giving to organic farming. It may not be the most important thing in the world to you that your tote bag be organic, but how important is the earth, the air we breath and the message we send? These organic tote bags are a great way to support organic farming, organic cotton, and the idea that we can vote with our dollars. Vote for these organic tote bags! Make a statement at your next event or tradeshow. A great conversation starter, letting people know that your tote bags are organic will add value and interest to your promotional item! Call on the friendly and experienced Adco staff to find you the exact organic tote you want, for as low as 1.99 a bag! (888)332-ADCO

Essential Organic 6 oz. Cotton Grocery Tote

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