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People have great ideas. Here is another wonderful idea I just happened upon while browsing the Adco Marketing website. Blue skies on a rainy day can be yours with this wonderful promotional umbrella. Priced as low as $14.89 each! How can you do better than offer your customers blue skies on rainy days? WE LOVE THIS UMBRELLA!!

World of Thanks Promotional Umbrellas, Thank You Custom UmbrellasAnother favorite is this "thank you" umbrella. Your logo/message/image on the outside, and inside there are a million thanks. As low as $12.95 each.


This umbrella has nothing printed inside, but I love the amazing style and unique shape! As low as $14.91 each.

Posted by alyssa




8/12/2012 6:18:44 PM #

I agree Alyssa, umbrellas are a great promotional item. Especially considering the (at times) unpredictable weather!
Not only are they are fantastic for free advertising, but they are also useful and can be very durable.

Tate United Kingdom

8/13/2012 3:36:36 PM #

I love that idea "Blue skies on a rainy day!" Impressive style.

imsophiafink Switzerland

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