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16. August 2012 08:29

Back to School SALE

My kids are going back to school with these icey lunch boxes, they're on sale now-so you can have them, too. Great for boy/girlscout troops, or field trip lunches, these lunch boxes live in the freezer until you take them out and pack them, and they keep everything inside fresh and refrigerated. My kids like to take these on hikes so they have nice cold water and fruit when they get to the top of the mountain. I like these because they can't lose the ice packs (they're buit in!). Don't like these? Check out our full asortment of cooler bags and coolers on the adcomarketing site.

Flexi-Freeze® Lunch Box

Flexi-Freeze® Lunch Box



    Blank $7.36

    With Logo $7.87


This is a short blog, so I think I'll keep talking. What promotional products do I have in my house? Our Maret umbrellas are AWESOME, so are glass water bottles, and jar openers, chip clips and a MILLION tote bags. I used to go to a lot of tradeshows before I started working here, and I wish I could help all those nice folks who were giving stuff away that could have been SO MUCH BETTER. Now that I know all of the great options, am able to source products near where you live, and have such a better understanding of what's out there, I can help you come up with the best marketing items and tradeshow giveaways. And just think, Karen has been doing this for over 15 years!!!

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