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28. August 2012 04:51

For the Artists We Love...

Do you love shopping for interesting and wonderful glasses, mugs, bags, and more? Those items came from people like you, who were willing to invest a little in their vision. This is your chance to become the creator of those cute, sweet, items! With websites like eBay and Etsy, artists have an easy way to access the marketplace.

This Cotton Drawstring Backpack printed with your art, for as low as $2.36

Adco Marketing will help you find just the right item to put your original artwork on. The screen is usually around $50 the first time you make it, and then add the cost of your item & shipping.

Glass Bottles with your one color art and choice of colored lid, as low as $3.99 each!

I would like to see more artists invest in their creativity with items like tote bags, mason jars, candles and other fun gifts. This is your chance to change the world... one glass bottle at a time. You provide your .eps artwork and we will help you create your special item! Call us 888-332-ADCO- Adco Marketing... or 415-927-2881 www.adcomarketing.com

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