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I am lucky enough to live in the quaint, small town of Sonoma, CA. Every year on Halloween, most of the kids in town gather in what we call the town Marketplace for what might be considered a parade. In a tiny little amphitheater, there is entertainment, and kids dressed as spiders and princesses, cartoon characters and fruit bats gather to dance and sing along with the local talent.

At some point the trick or treating begins, and Marketplace gives each kid a bag, and some sort of treat, and then the kids start at the local toy store and parade past each shop where someone is standing at the door to hand out candy. Last year, after Halloween, and the parade, and the usual gathering of neighbors’ sweets, my two tiny little kids had between them twice their weight in candy.

Candy is part of Halloween, and I don’t want to be the mom who doesn’t let my kids have what they have rightfully earned, but I sure don’t want them eating all of it either. I remember my childhood, at the base of the Hollywood Hills, trick or treating at Ned Beatty’s house and being excited because he was giving out DOLLAR BILLS instead of candy. I remember a house that gave out TOYS. The only houses I don’t remember are the ones who gave out candy. They all blur together in a world of tootsie rolls and mini candy bars.

Working at Adco Marketing has opened my eyes to the world of really COOL things companies could be handing out on Halloween.Holloween Giveaway 20 oz. Custom Bottles BPA Free We have sport bottles in Halloween colors we can put a company logo on that are BPA FREE and made in the USA. This is a reusable water bottle that kids will keep for their lunches and it won’t rot their teeth!  

Not creepy enough for you? We also have BRAIN stress relievers. There were a lot of zombies out last Halloween, and they need to eat brains. So please keep the zombies in your neighborhood well fed with these fun (but not edible) brain stress relievers. Who needs stressed out kids and hungry zombies?  Not me.Brain Stress Balls & Relievers, Promotional Brain Stress Ball

Some of the best Halloween costumes are black. And we send our children out in the street. In black. In the dark. IN THE STREET. So help out your neighborhood kids and drivers with mini flashlights and flashing lights to keep them safe and light their way! 

Bullet Flashlights with Key ChainI’ll stop talking about Halloween now. Please call me if you have questions or need suggestions for creative promotional or tradeshow giveaways. Check out our Halloween Department where you can buy blank items  as well as logo items in bulk for less than the price of a candy bar.




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