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Yesterday began as the perfect day. My kids had a friend over, and they were all three playing nicely. The sun was shining, there was a cool breeze, and I had opened up all of the windows and doors and the house felt like an extension of this fine day. The kids and I were baking muffins, and the house smelled delicious. The kids were playing so nicely together I decided to put photos into a photo album.

Suddenly the mood changed. “I can’t find my guinea pig!!!” and then “mom, my guinae pig is LOST!!!”

Our ideal world crumbled. Suddenly I’m looking at crying kids, and a sleepless night of hunting. I cuddled up with my little one and assured her that it would be O.K. I wasn’t so sure. We’d lost pets before, and it was never O.K. unless you count replacement pets as O.K.

I got the little one to sleep and the older sister started working a new angle, “Mom, can we get a kitten if Millie’s guinea pig is gone?” I said yes because I felt like it, but qualified it with, “whatever Millie wants.” 

Ah yes, Valentine’s Day. All I want for Valentine ’s Day is lower blood pressure, a good night’s sleep and less stress. Maybe finding the guinea pig and setting our lovely world back on axis would be nice. In today’s complex world, stress lingers in the shadows. Late for work, lost pets, burning dinner, these things happen and stress us out, but you are reading the blog on a promotional products website, and it is my job (and privilege) to tell you that we have heart shaped stress relievers. You can custom print them with your special message and give the gift of calm this Valentine’s Day.

Available in Pink or Red. On SALE now for $0.99 each. Call Adco (888) 332-2326


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