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My home town of Sonoma, CA celebrates Independence day with one of the smallest, most charming 4th of July parades you have ever seen. All of the great local businesses and organizations grab as many adorable kids as they can, dress them up and cruise around the town square in cars or on foot, throwing candy and water bottles and other wonderful treasures to the kids who are lining the streets. We never miss it. At the end of the parade, the fire trucks come out and spray water at everyone who hasn't run away yet. There is only one thing I would change about our little parade if I could. If it were up to me, I would make sure that all of the candy, bottles, toys, fans and miscellany is American made. Not that I have anything against other countries, it's just that if we are going to celebrate our independence, we should do it independently. This 4th of July, request American made promotional products from Adco Marketing (and mention this blog) and receive $10 off on all orders placed by June 4th. (415) 927-2881 or (888) 332-ADCO. Or shop our Made in the USA section


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