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20. November 2014 06:09

Great Winter Weather Gear

The cold winter months are finally upon us, and boy is it turning into a chilly one this year…That big Arctic breeze that came our way is sticking around and bringing snow along with it. So now is a great time to bring out some great promotional items that will not only get seen but also people will love to have.

We have a great selection of winter weather gear for you to wear like the ever popular beanies which are also called toques by our friends up north of the border (eh). We got Beanies with Pompoms  

– my favorite - and basic Skull Caps

too. Another great item that is a must nowadays with smart phones are these great Isotoner Tech Gloves.

You can keep your hands warm AND still text or surf the internet without having to take them off. Sheer genius in my book. For more great promotional ideas for you to look at that will be great sellers during the winter just search our site an you will find lots of items that will be perfect for promoting your event or business and thanks for stopping by! Laughing 1-888-927-ADCO 



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