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My goodness where is my umbrella?  Winter and rain snuck up on me this year, and perhaps your customers as well!  Be the hero, save your clients from bad hair days with our custom umbrellas!  Indeed, it's time to choose your next custom promotional product.  We've had incredible success with our newest custom umbrella, the rebel.  When you are looking for unique umbrellas, and you don't want your seat in the car to get wet, check this one out!


Here is a video that looks pretty cool too of me attempting to demonstrate this custom umbrella in a storm!


But often we like to go back to basics and year after year our custom umbrella, the revolution has stood out from our competition.  This umbrella, purchased in bulk with your logo on it can stay in the brief case, purse or car.  It's got a nice soft rubber handle and feels terrific!

The Revolution Folding Promotional Umbrellas with Rubber Handle - Custom Umbrella

Often when people purchase custom umbrellas it's because they want their logo to be seen!  But what about the summer months?  Always pay a little extra to print the tie. That way when it's closed you are still getting that exposure.


Our custom umbrellas vary quite a bit in size.  Maybe in a big city, or planning for that next golf tournament, a large umbrella would be nice.  This mojo golf umbrella is one of our best sellers.  We take just a nice wide umbrella, but add things like "vents" which keep you and your umbrella from blowing away in that wind storm.


Call our dedicated staff at Adco Marketing to hear more about these promotional umbrellas or other winter giveaways like our custom beanies and see videos of that new rebel umbrella as well.  Our number is 888-332-ADCO.

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