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Conference and tradeshows have thousands of booths, (and dollars) at stake.  How to make the most from your booth experience? Adco Marketing provides items ranging from Table Cloths, Banners, and Popup Displays to assist with the look and feel of your booth.  Your colors should be coordinated, but not so bright as to distract from the actual product or service you are selling.  These are long term purchases, and we recommend thinking about future shows as well.  For example, we have a custom table cloth that is "convertible" from six feet to eight feet, offering much flexibility.

Second to consider after the visuals are in place, is the flow of the booth.  If it's a small 10 x 10 booth, you might consider putting your "table" off to the side, allowing for a more accessible relationship with the convention attendees, rather than the more intimidating, less welcoming "two people sitting behind a table" format.  Regardless, its going to be important to provide an interesting promotional product gift that is actually useful, and fun, not something to be thrown immediately into a drawer.  However the cononundrum is that those "throw away" items are the kind people gravitate to, thinking of their kids at home, or immediate needs of hunger - Like for example stress balls,  custom chocolates, a pen, etc.  

The more useful the item, the longer it stays with your client, reminding them over and over about your company.  When we studied the "marketing ROI" return on promotional products for trade shows, we got some amazing results.  Far better than say from handing out a brochure about your company product and services.

  • 94 percent could recall a promotional product they had received in the past two years
  • 89 percent could also recall the advertiser
  • 83 percent reported that they liked receiving promotional products
  • 48 percent would like to receive promotional products more often
  • 69 percent generally keep the promotional product


Promotional products are powerful, both as effective forms of communication and as useable, necessary tools. The following results reveal just how seamlessly promotional products integrate into life, impacting the daily routines of the recipients.

  • 91% had at least one promotional product in their kitchen
  • 74% had at least one promotional product in their work area
  • 55% had at least one promotional product in their bedroom closet/storage space

 So if you'd like a lasting presence whether in the home or the office, select your trade show giveaways wisely, and give Adco Marketing a call for ideas!  888-332-ADCO.


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