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Backpacks aren't cool, I know.  I can't tell you how many times my daughter refused to carry her backpack to school especially once middle school was done.  However, they are the best way to make sure you actually can find all your books, pens, cell phone, calculator and more.  So the tradition continues of summer backpack purchases for back to school.  Let's talk a bit about kinds of backpacks with your logo that can be purchased, then we can go into the "stylish" types too, known as fashion backpacks.


The least expensive backpack is called a drawstring bag.  It's lightweight, holds your PE clothes, maybe some items for a sleepover, or a day hike.  They are actually our most popular backpack.  There are a few different materials to choose from, from nylon to non woven to cotton.  I like the nylon the best.  Below are some photos and links for these drawstring backpacks.  Lots of room for logos, so people really like them!

High Strength Custom Drawstring Backpacks in Polyester, String-A-Ling


The next backpack most often purchased are our smaller backpacks, perfect for elementary age students.  Anything shorter than 17 inches in height fits the bill.  We like the light weight nature of this backpack particularly.  The smaller kids have enough trouble carrying their books, a super crazy Jansport probably wont' get a lot of use.

 Terrapin Custom Back to School Backpacks - screened or embroidered

Finally, kids today are asked to carry ipads, computers back and forth more and more often to school.  So our array of computer backpacks are perfect and fit any budget.  The Rangeley backpack has a funny name, but seriously was our number one selling backpack last year.  Great padded back to school backpack.   Charcoal is the new black, so that's all the range, and most school logos look great on this.  How about our lovely new backpack from gemline, great for back to school!


Charcoal Graphite Slim 15” Custom Computer Backpack

Got a fashion oriented school?  Our messenger style bags are perfect for back to school in high school.  These are not high school backpacks exactly, but with fewer books going back and forth these days, my daughter gets away with these styles no problem.


 elleven Transit Tablet Messenger Bag with custom imprint for iPads, tablets and computers.

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