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For customer service week are you thinking of employees who work in customer service, who want to :
1.  Be reminded how much you appreciate them
2.  Be reminded what doing good customer service is all about.
So I would offer one item that is a high quality thank you type item that they could use everyday in the office -  our copper insulated tumblers is what first comes to mind.  Second item  - similar but for water is our s'well style bottles.  
‚ÄčThen something with words on it, reminding them - Smile when on phone (it makes their voice sound more peppy), prompt service, etc - I would offer something with a mirror that would be fun like these mirror phone stands:
Or a custom cube with various pro service slogans on the sides:
Finally since it will be October - how about an umbrella?
We've got this amazing new one on our site which lets you jump in your car without getting the seat wet:
Give our experienced sales staff a call at Adco Marketing for more customer service week ideas.  Or here is an service week article with fun links.  If you are doing a big customer service party, then we also offer custom plates, frisbees, and toys like our new figit spinners - helpful when we are stuck on long phone calls!

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