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Why?  From Las Vegas trade shows to rural Montana school yards to retail resale shops throughout the nation, pop sockets and figit spinners seem to be everywhere.  Of course those of us that bought the pet rock can only snicker now.  However, the difference is that these are functional, and actually have a use beyond the drawer.

Our custom trade show giveaway pop sockets can be used in a variety of ways.  Admittedly the figit spinners mainly spin and look cool, but also help with focus for figity folks.

These sockets expand out from the back of the casing when required, and in so doing open up a range of different modes and functions. For example, using one or both of the sockets you can position your iPhone in a number of “modes.” These include:

  • Surfing mode
  • Theater mode
  • Texting mode
  • FaceTime mode
  • Gaming mode

The logoed popsockets also make it easier to hold your iPhone on your shoulder, operate it securely when held in one hand, and secure it on a belt, pocket, or trouser top. But probably one of the most useful and likely popular functions is the ability to use the sockets for holding your earphones while keeping the cable away from the display.  Yep, even with the new blue tooth ear buds, we are still a cabled society!  See this cool video as well.  


Thanks for thinking of Adco Marketing for these unique promotional products

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