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13. October 2017 08:44

National Umbrella Day is Coming

Happy Friday Everyone! Did you know that February 10th is Umbrella Day!

Did you know that Umbrellas fate back to over 4 thousand years ago? They were originally called parasols, umbrellas were not invented to protect us from light to heavy rainstorms, but they were to protect us from the harsh Sun’s rays. In fact, the word “Umbrella” comes from the Latin word “Umbra” means “sunshade”.

The Asian culture was the first to take their paper umbrellas, and apply wax and lacquer to them to help protect them from the rain. Umbrellas were used solely for Women until a Persian traveler broke the trend and carried one with him, making the umbrella as part of an accessory for both Men, Women, and Children.

At Adco Marketing we carry all types of umbrellas to the traditional umbrellas to the large vented golf Umbrellas, Market Umbrellas, Café Umbrellas, SOHO Fashion Umbrellas, Portable Totes Umbrellas, and the Retro Totes Bubble Umbrellas. With different styles and colors to choose from.

Need a custom Umbrella? What about getting your umbrella personalized or customized?  We got those too! Choose your style and choice of color and get your own company logo printed right onto it.

Our promotional umbrellas are a great way to show off your company pride. Use our umbrellas for tradeshow giveaways, they also they make a great handout for your employees for those who don’t have a way to protect them from the sun or rain walking out to their vehicle.

For such as unique day, look at our new stock.

Posted by Darren Duffy


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