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18. January 2019 09:36

Promotional Marketing Dreams

We get it.  Your company wants marketing items.  Creative, unique, high quality, and budget priced.  Staring wistfully at a page full of power banks, and another of colorful copper walled tumblers, you sigh and click on the javalina pen, and the white ceramic mug.  But wait!  Our design team is ready to advise you on other options in whatever price range you need for your events and client marketing gifts.  If you still order the pen and mug, let us play with your art, come up with a creative tag line, or perhaps a city scape at the bottom to jazz up even the most budget of products.  Our under a dollar promotional items range from cell phone wallets and ice packs to jar openers and cell phone holders. 


Wait!  A bad dream a week later...  It's the last moment and you need a custom table cloth for the trade show booth, oh and do we carry custom napkins for that receiption you are hosting?  

We get it.  Budgets open up, event dates change, shipping locations change, logos change, taglines change - it's that kind of world.  You need a flexible marketing ideas type of company that rolls with the punches right?  Call us, the experts who have tested all the items on our site and offer many more not shown.

Let Adco Marketing fulfill your marketing dreams, one pen at a time...  888-332-2326.  sales@adcomarketing.com 

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