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15. October 2019 07:33

What's wrong with a custom mug?

When I started this promotional products company, the first thing my grandfather said was "make sure you offer jar openers,customers love those!".   Sure enough some 25 years later I still use samples daily that I've sold over the years.  We measure the cost of marketing and advertising as "cost per impression", meaning how many times your logo/ phone/website will be seen.  That coffee mug has the least cost for how often your customer will see and potentially interact with your brand.  Much better bang for your buck than an internet ad, magazine ad, or tv ad. Additionally, those logo mugs become paint brush holders and pen holders for the desk when they outlived their "useful" kitchen life.   Promotional products are always received with a smile, (who doesn't like free!).  If a company has a long sales cycle, such as a real estate agent, mortgage broker, or bank, these items that get good desk space are perfect.  I don't get that free mug and immediately decide to sell my home, but that magnet/calendar/mug will remind me when I'm ready of a possible source for the sale.  Are there hoarders out there who need help purging?  Absolutely.  Should we make more eco responsible corporate swag?  More made in the USA items?  Definitely!  Both are trending and at Adco Marketing we're continually pushing the creative envelope with unique marketing gifts.  In the end though, most clients eventually choose a mug, a pen and a tote bag. 
So grab your logo mug and head down to Starbucks, preventing waste from disposable paper and plastic cups.
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