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It's that time of year, as we head into the roaring twenties and look to spice up our trade show booths, what can we expect to see?  Here at Adco Marketing we are loving the new looks on some of these products.  Eco responsible, reusable trade show gifts are definitely the rage going into this decade.  Rather than giving out individually wrapped candies, where the wrapper is thrown away, why not procure our reusable mint tins?  Instead of bottled water handed out at conventions, clients are spending a bit more on bpa free reusable bottles which can be filled at water fill stations throughout the show.  

Also trending are trade show gifts made in the USA.  Our bag clips, magnets, custom table cloths, natural lip balms and mini candle tins are perfect for those clients wanting to see made in America products.  

How can you decide what trade show giveaway is best for your budget?  Give us a call, our knowledgeable staff can walk you through the eco trade show choices at 888-332-ADCO.

The questions to ask yourself as an event planner or conference coordinator:

Reduce- Does it Reduce Waste?

Every single day 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away. Ack! That’s a pretty grim statistic. Something as simple as offering a reusable water bottle with your company logo can help reduce waste on a pretty significant level. How about a vacuum insulated travel mug that can be brought to the coffee shop? That’s waste reduction and branding for your corporate logo with every sip. Reusable straws are a very hot item this year. We have them in sets that come with a convenient cleaning brush, easy to travel straws that can clip on keychains, retractable for easy storage-be sure to check out this beautiful rose gold straw.

Reuse- Can it be Used More Than Once?

Choosing an eco friendly or green product can be as simple as picking an item that can be used more than once. Choose a cloth tote bag over a disposable plastic one. How about an item of clothing that will be worn for years to come? Not only is this doing something great for our planet- it’s getting your company years of exposure with one purchase.

Recycle - Is it Made of Recycled Material?

We all know the importance of turning items in for recycling, now you can be a vital part of the second half of that equation- purchasing items made from those recycled items. No product iliustrates this better than our “I Used To Be A Bottle Recycled Drawstring Bag.” Made from post consumer plastic this bag can also be reused again and again. 

People want to make better choices for the planet and by choosing from our selection of eco friendly products that REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE your customers and clients will know your brand is own board with them.

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