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Do you long for the good old days of eating out in restaurants, getting your haircut in a salon, going to a concert, or hugging a friend? 


With the exciting development of the Covid-19 vaccine we now have a path back to “normal” life. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci says that at least 80% of the population will need to be vaccinated to get the country back to normalcy. 

In a paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine titled “Beyond Politics – Promoting COVID-19 Vaccination in the U.S.” author Stacy Wood, an expert in behavioral economics and consumer research, recommends using promotional products strategy to help meet that goal. 

Woods says handing out promotional items such as buttons, bracelets, and stickers to those who have been vaccinated will increase consumer buy-in. 

As luck would have it we just happen to know where you can get any of those items and more! 
Let’s all do our part to stay healthy and promote healthy choices to get our world back to “normal.” 

By Stacey Macdonald


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8. September 2020 09:28

Promotional Marketing in 2020

Wow what a wild ride this year has been.  This graph below shows you just how wild!  Essentially for distributor like ourselves, in the past our primary sales involved pens, tote bags, water bottles, and usually a trending item (last year was pop sockets).  This year it's all about safety!  Custom masks, logo hand sanitizer are the perfect promotional product gifts to make your clients and staff feel safe and secure in these challenging times.  While our social distance floor stickers and hand washing signage are also good sellers, the masks themselves we knew were going to be big.  Americans would never be content to just wear a white mask, and we were one of the first out there offering made in the USA masks.  Thank you for continuing to support our certified Small, woman owned business during 2020.  Give us a call and our staff will be happy to show you the current trending styles, and yes give you our forecasts for 2021 as well!  (hint, think pent up demand for travel!)

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3. September 2020 05:18

Custom Blankets and Throws

It's always blanket season, and we have all the options ready to help you cozy up by the fire or take that blanket on the road, even just in your neighborhood for a little picnic. Whether you are looking for a logo picnic blanket, embroidered fleece blanket, or an incredibly soft custom throw to toss near the couch, Adco Marketing is ready to help.


If preparing for picnics or outdoor events challenges you, we have the solution. This picnic blanket easily folds into attached 22” h x 16” w backpack that carries everything you need for your outing. The adjustable shoulder straps on the backpack allow for easy, hands-free carrying. Cozy 60” x 60” blanket front has plaid fleece and water-resistant, ripstop nylon on the reverse side.  Yes, when you look for custom picnic blankets make sure it's got nylon on the back side, otherwise it will get muddy and soggy and pickup all those leaves lying around.  In fact I have taken this printed blanket to the beach many times!


Our Premium Fleece Blanket is perfect for taking to an outdoor sporting event or cuddling on the couch. Available in a number of colors to suit any taste or occasion, these soft, lightweight fleece throws offer tremendous value for promotions on a budget. Anti-pilling fleece. Self hemmed.  For employee gifts, customer appreciation events, these fleece blankets fit any budget range.


Pamper yourself with the ultra-soft Plushera™ Throw blanket or any of our sherpa blankets. The deep plush construction creates a blanket that feels wonderful to snuggle in.  If you want your employee or customer to say "wow, this is so soft and amazing", this is the custom sherpa blanket for you.  By the way, blankets are kept an average of 15 years, so that's a lot of logo views!


Extremely cuddly and warm, this throw has a texture that is unbelievably soft. We offer this throw in seven great colors, ideal for any logo or decor.


We've got name brand custom blankets as well from Cobblestone Mills to Kanata to Protowels and Towel Specialties, just ask us to show you options!  More than a name, Cobblestone Mills reflects an era when things were simpler.  When elegant horse-drawn carriages carried travelers near and far. When quality was the byword and pride in one’s craftsmanship the highest virtue. Our designers have recaptured that timeless feeling with blankets and robes of unmatched quality and value.  Qualities that, like a cobblestone, make our products woven to endure.

Kanata’s Home Collection offers blankets and throws for any decor, including luxuriously soft polyester blankets, faux fur and faux leather blankets, wool blankets and more. With all styles, fabrics and price points to fit your needs, Kanata has you covered! 


We could go on and on, but if you call us for our custom blanket ideas for you, our expert staff will guide you to the best options for your budget.  


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Are businesses ordering promotional products during a pandemic? Yes. What and Why? We’re glad you asked…

Evolution of Swag

People usually think of keychains, tote bags, shirts and the like when considering a promotional product. While those are all indeed a big part of the business there are a million and one other items you may not normally associate with corporate “swag.” These are crazy times and our industry has changed and evolved to meet the current needs.

Protect the Zombies

Our top moving items at present are Personal Protection Equipment. We have gloves, facemasks, face shields, PPE Kits, thermometers, social distancing floor stickers, hand sanitizer and anything else you need to keep your valued employees safe.

We have provided these necessary supplies to hospitals, banks, schools, and even for the crew and cast a popular zombie tv series. (Yes, THAT one!) 

We have also donated hundreds of masks to our local Marin community, specifically for at risk families. Adco Marketing is local family business and we are honored to help keep our community safe. 

You touch it, you own it. 

We all know it’s important to be careful with what we touch and that’s why pens and writing instruments are in big demand. Gone are the days of pens on chains attached to counters. Now businesses are providing clients with pens to use for signing receipts and documents that leave with the customer. This is a good thing for giving your business lots of repeat exposure. Your logo on a pen will travel far and be seen often. It’s like the Dr. Suess book “Oh, the places you’ll go!” 

Home Sweet Work 

So many of us are working remotely and it’s more important than ever for businesses to keep connected and take care of their employees. This can be as simple as providing them with office supplies like our desk in box kit or flags and sticky notes to getting a little more creative with Zoom happy hours.



Our De-stress Express Kit or a relaxing aromatherapy humidifier. A water bottle to make sure they stay hydrated and an avocado slicer for healthy lunchtime prep are little gestures that will make a big impact to let your employees know they matter. 

Next time…. 

Backyard Camp outs, Family Movie Nights, Rediscovering Outside, Happy Pets and other Silver Linings of a Worldwide Pandemic. 



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15. May 2020 03:52

Reopening Checklist for States

As we enter our various phases across the nation, often states are posting reopening checklists.  For example checkout this one for Ohio:  https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/covid-19/checklists/english-checklists/businesses-employers-covid-19-checklisthttps://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/covid-19/checklists/english-checklists/businesses-employers-covid-19-checklist

At Adco Marketing we have all the items to get you ready to operate safetly for both your employees and your customers.  Your employees may need individual PPE kits with their easy to carry gloves, sanitizer and mask. 


Customers need to know where to stand and sit!



Facemasks, hand sanitizer, social distance floor stickers, sneeze guards, and gloves are all available immediately. Our reopening section has lots of ideas. Call our experts to discuss as well the gifts for your essential workers, putting themselves at risk each day, perhaps it's time to give them logo hand sanitizer, custom water bottles, safe open door handle key chains, and more!

Call 888-332-2326 or email sales@adcomarketing.com for the latest information on how to open safely with logo promotional products.

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We are pleased to help out during this time going beyond our normal promotional product offerings.  We have millions of masks in stock here in the US ready to ship. Are you off to the grocery store?  Heading back to work as we start to open up again?  Protect yourself but more importantly keep from spreading to others by wearing a mask for all outdoor activities.  The CDC advises all Americans to wear masks.


Erin Call wears a mask as she shops for groceries at Harmons grocery store Friday, April 3, 2020, in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

The following masks can ship within 24 hours of ordering!


USA Made Masks that are washable and comfortable to wear.  Link

Disposable Masks

Maybe you'd like to logo your mask?  Absolutely we can produce those as well in 1-3 weeks.


Call 888-332-2326 for immediate orders and inventory counts.


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25. March 2020 10:38

Covid19 Medical Supply Sourcing

Your heart is racing, globally everyone seems to need medical supplies at the same time.  Where can you go, and how can you tell which sources are valid?  At Adco Marketing we can immediately send you our W9 and complete any necessary paperwork to efficiently get into your approved vendor system.  That is the flexibility of a certified small, woman owned business with access to millions of N-95 and KN-95 masks, hand sanitizer, face shields, and other important equipment necessary to protect nurses, doctors, front line staff, essential service folks on the road from truck drivers and freight companies to grocery stores.  

Over the last weeks, we've adapted our logo promotional product business to accomodate those needs through expansion of our supply chain.  First off, why are these special masks so important?

As this graphic below indicates, our FDA Certified masks have multiple layers of protection to allow for filtered breathing.



Real KN95 Standard High quality protective Antibacterial and Virus Face Masks KN95 and N95 stop 95% of particles >0.3 microns in size. Help your customers and employees stay safe and healthy during these harsh times. Hanging ear design and removable hook & loop Strap helps effectively seal and prevents bacteria, fogging and more. Made of high-quality cotton and non-woven meltblown filter cloth, the multi ayer filtration system effectively prevents a series of viruses and airborne pollutants. Multiple protections to isolate dust, multiple layers of folding and good ventilation to double your protection from odors and so on.


Here at Adco Marketing the prices and availability of these masks and other important custom products are changing production time and availability daily, so call 888-332-2326 for most current updated prices.  Let's be safe out there!

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4. March 2020 04:54

What am I going to wear?

The number one question facing all of us each morning, (yes even those with casual offices) is what to wear!  At Adco Marketing we absolutely have the perfect corporate apparel options.  

Perhaps a nice cozy sweatshirt with a hood, or an embroidered Nike polo, or just a soft printed t-shirt will suffice as your corporate uniform for the day.  Call 888-332-ADCO and we will walk you through even more options!


Call us or flip through our catalog:

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It's that time of year, as we head into the roaring twenties and look to spice up our trade show booths, what can we expect to see?  Here at Adco Marketing we are loving the new looks on some of these products.  Eco responsible, reusable trade show gifts are definitely the rage going into this decade.  Rather than giving out individually wrapped candies, where the wrapper is thrown away, why not procure our reusable mint tins?  Instead of bottled water handed out at conventions, clients are spending a bit more on bpa free reusable bottles which can be filled at water fill stations throughout the show.  

Also trending are trade show gifts made in the USA.  Our bag clips, magnets, custom table cloths, natural lip balms and mini candle tins are perfect for those clients wanting to see made in America products.  

How can you decide what trade show giveaway is best for your budget?  Give us a call, our knowledgeable staff can walk you through the eco trade show choices at 888-332-ADCO.

The questions to ask yourself as an event planner or conference coordinator:

Reduce- Does it Reduce Waste?

Every single day 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away. Ack! That’s a pretty grim statistic. Something as simple as offering a reusable water bottle with your company logo can help reduce waste on a pretty significant level. How about a vacuum insulated travel mug that can be brought to the coffee shop? That’s waste reduction and branding for your corporate logo with every sip. Reusable straws are a very hot item this year. We have them in sets that come with a convenient cleaning brush, easy to travel straws that can clip on keychains, retractable for easy storage-be sure to check out this beautiful rose gold straw.

Reuse- Can it be Used More Than Once?

Choosing an eco friendly or green product can be as simple as picking an item that can be used more than once. Choose a cloth tote bag over a disposable plastic one. How about an item of clothing that will be worn for years to come? Not only is this doing something great for our planet- it’s getting your company years of exposure with one purchase.

Recycle - Is it Made of Recycled Material?

We all know the importance of turning items in for recycling, now you can be a vital part of the second half of that equation- purchasing items made from those recycled items. No product iliustrates this better than our “I Used To Be A Bottle Recycled Drawstring Bag.” Made from post consumer plastic this bag can also be reused again and again. 

People want to make better choices for the planet and by choosing from our selection of eco friendly products that REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE your customers and clients will know your brand is own board with them.

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15. October 2019 07:33

What's wrong with a custom mug?

When I started this promotional products company, the first thing my grandfather said was "make sure you offer jar openers,customers love those!".   Sure enough some 25 years later I still use samples daily that I've sold over the years.  We measure the cost of marketing and advertising as "cost per impression", meaning how many times your logo/ phone/website will be seen.  That coffee mug has the least cost for how often your customer will see and potentially interact with your brand.  Much better bang for your buck than an internet ad, magazine ad, or tv ad. Additionally, those logo mugs become paint brush holders and pen holders for the desk when they outlived their "useful" kitchen life.   Promotional products are always received with a smile, (who doesn't like free!).  If a company has a long sales cycle, such as a real estate agent, mortgage broker, or bank, these items that get good desk space are perfect.  I don't get that free mug and immediately decide to sell my home, but that magnet/calendar/mug will remind me when I'm ready of a possible source for the sale.  Are there hoarders out there who need help purging?  Absolutely.  Should we make more eco responsible corporate swag?  More made in the USA items?  Definitely!  Both are trending and at Adco Marketing we're continually pushing the creative envelope with unique marketing gifts.  In the end though, most clients eventually choose a mug, a pen and a tote bag. 
So grab your logo mug and head down to Starbucks, preventing waste from disposable paper and plastic cups.
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