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About Custom Towels & Promotional Beach Towels

Custom Beach Towels are hands down our favorite promotional item.  There are tons of reasons to love beach towels, but the most important question you can ask yourself is How Long Have YOU Had Your Favorite Beach Towel at Home?  Think about that answer - some towels are 20 to 30 years old.  The amazing thing is in a study done by one of our main towel manufacturers, towels have a lifespan of 15 years!  How long does a tote bag, mug, pen, umbrella, tech item last?  The answer is not even close to an average of 15 years. Having a promotional product with your logo used for that long has a long long-lasting impact.

The other thing to know about towels is that if you put some of the most popular items from categories as diverse as tote bags, mobile tech, umbrellas, travel bags on a table, the majority of people choose the beach towel over all the other product categories combined.  A promotional product that is both loved and long lasting - the promotional beach towel is a great corporate gift, no matter how you look at it.

And this is the shocking thing on beach towels - it is a common misconception that they are only handed out at beach or swim events.  In fact, 80% of beach towel orders are shipped inland - not to the beach or coast.  Beach towels main shipping destinations are offices, banks, educational institutes like universities or high schools - in other words beyond the beach.  Maybe it is time to consider a custom towel at your next event.  Want to see our beach towel section - click here!

Case Study Summaries of Towels

  1. A case study of a successful promotional beach towel giveaway was as an appreciation gift for new customers at a credit union.  It was so successful that they eventually ordered over 60,000 towels.  It brought in customers, it was a highly valued gift and it was a logo printed on an item that lasts for years and years.
  2. Another successful promotion was one that was done for a blood bank where with each donation, you earned points.  When you earned enough points, you received a gift of your choice.  Custom printed quality beach towels were the number 1 choice!
  3. For an insurance company, they decided to sell beach towels on their company store site along with other items.  With a range of products, the beach towel was the number 1 seller on their site - more sold than any other product!

Styles of Beach Towels

Beach Towels come in a variety of styles from the standard mid-weight styles to full color, peshtamel styles, cabana style (striped) and oversized heavyweight swim towels!  When buying one of these styles it is important to consider what they are used for.  For example, you do not want a peshmatel style for a swim team but it would be perfect for a high-end resort or resale.  A swim team would do great with a signature towel or a mid to heavyweight towel.  Call us to discuss your project and your use and our experienced customer service will help you choose what is best for your event or giveaway!

The latest trend is toward larger sizes, double towels and shaped towels like circle or surf board shape.  They both attract the eye and are appreciated you the user.

Beach or Swim Towel Weights

Towel are generally sold by weight per dozen pieces.  This can distinguish a towel's quality by the weight of material used.  Towels can be used for many things. 

Lightweight Beach Towels

For example, a lightweight towel might be good for use as a gym or camp towel.  They are light and great for drying, but not great for lying on the beach or repeated use on the same day.  They are also some the most affordable beach or swim towels.  These range from 8.5 to 11 pounds per dozen.

Medium Weight Beach Towels

These are great general use towels and are both affordable and durable - they are also some our best selling beach towels.  These are great with large but subtle tone on tone imprints.  They are great all in one beach towels that are durable but not a heavy feel.  These generally range from 12 to 15 pounds per dozen. 

Heavyweight Beach Towels

These are the heaviest towels and are great for high end events, resorts, high end company picnics or holiday gifts.  They come in standard, oversized and unique shapes like round towels.  We love these towels but like their weight, they are also the most costly.

Full Color Towels

The latest trend are full color towels - these are great if you want full color pictures or a large imprint that pops.  When these originally came out they lacked absorbency, but now with the use of dual material you can have your full color imprint on one side and a plush absorbent material on the other.  If you want an imprint that truly pops - these are amazing!

As you can see, you have so many options when it comes to custom beach towels, and you cannot go wrong!  These will be used for year after year, will be appreciated and will make your next corporate promotion a fun success!


Need Help?  We Can Do That!

Our selection of towels is quite large and if you need help, we know towels!  Call us at 888-332-2326 (ADCO) or visit our beach towel section.  We have done thousands of orders so if you have an event, a giveaway idea or need to know how the weather is in California where towels are King - we are here to help!