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Open Schools Safely - Back to School Items from Masks to Signage

As we progress with COVID-19, schools need to reopen, but they need to do it safely.  With our wide selection of youth face masks, hand sanitizer, thermometers, signage, plexiglass petitions and more, we can help you with most of your needs.  The first item of safety is the youth sized mask - and we sell many styles from multi layered to adjustable filter pocket nose clip masks to disposable surgical style.  Hand sanitizing stations are key to stopping the spread as well as practical items like water bottles as water fountains should be shut down.  We also have tents, floor signage, wall signs, barriers and tools - all so you can safely reopen!  Please call us at 888-332-ADCO and let us help you with all your school reopening needs!

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The Covid-19 Vaccination kit - Fits standard COVID vaccination kit record cards as well as state-provided printout versions. Assembled using durable Prop 65 compliant PVC materials. Proudly made in the USA and union decorated! We can do custom colors available for orders over 5,000 pieces! A great giveaway for a hospital, pharmacy, state or any healthcare provider. This can also hold proof of vaccination which may be used in the future for travel and such. ...click for more details
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JUST IN - Our new canister of Disinfecting Wipes! A generous 70 Sheets per Canister that Kill 99.9% of Germs. Made of Non-Woven Fabric and contain Ethanol. EDI Ultra Pure Water and Quaternary Ammonium. The Active ingredients include Benzalkonium Chloride and Didecyldimonium Chloride. There is NO BLEACH (Sodium hypochlorite) in it. Percentages are Glycerin 0.1% Ethylhexy-Glycerin 0.1% Phenoxyethanol 0.5% Benzalkonium Chloride 0.1% Didecyldimonium Chloride 0.2% and Alcohol 10% Propylene Glycol 0.1% Water 88.9%. ...click for more details

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1oz round bottle clear gel ( 63.5% ethyl alcohol by weight and 70% by volume) sanitizer with disc cap and your custom full color label - and NOW IN STOCK! Sanitizer, bottle and cap are all USA Made in an FDA registered facility! We love our little hand sanitizers. They fit handily in a purse or glove compartment. Equip students with these to help stop the spread and keep in-person school open. ...click for more details

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A breathable, comfortable custom face mask for children ages 4 and up. 4 layers of cool breathable cotton at an affordable price make this kid’s face mask a perfect choice for schools, day cares, after school clubs, day camps, and more. ...click for more details

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Showcase your brands commitment to protection with your logo imprinted on our Youth 2-Ply Deluxe Cooling Face Mask. We all know the discomfort of a hot, stifling face mask. Convincing our kids to keep them on when they are so uncomfortable is difficult under ideal circumstances and impossible when they’re overheated. This super comfy cooling mask is the solution. Our exclusive cooling 2-ply fabric is ideal for hot days, sports, exercise and outdoor activities. Plus were have treated this Youth Face Mask with SILVADUR™ Patented Polymer Technology which provides unsurpassed odor protection by targeting odor causing enzymes. And since we all know how kids dirty laundry smells (Gag!) you will be happy to know this mask is completely machine washable and reusable. Features a filter pocket and adjustable ear loops for a perfect fit. Keep kids safe while building your brand with our Youth 2-Ply Deluxe Cooling Face Mask. ...click for more details

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Mask retainers make everyday mask wearing so simple. When you take a breather, how do you safely keep your mask seperate? A simple solution for keeping a face mask handy when not in use. Attach to the ear loops of a face mask and hang the retainer or lanyard around your neck. Smaller size fits adults and children - great for back to school or back to work programs. Made from polyester grosgrain ribbon material with a Step and Repeat or Continuous screen imprint available. 2 color imprint available upon factory approval and it is Made in USA. In Stock Guaranteed. ...click for more details
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I'm Vaccinated stickers, 1.5 inch diameter custom printed or as shown - a great handout for vaccination sites. White Gloss Paper (permanent adhesive). Made in USA. PRICE SHOWN PER 1,000 stickers! ...click for more details

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Your 2-Ply Cotton Face Masks with your custom logo imprinted. These masks are CPSIA compliant so you know they are safe. Made with two layers of 100% Cotton. Standard Youth Size, Binding And Ear Loop: 92% Cotton, 8% Spandex. The CPSIA and CCPSA Tracking Information Printed On Inside Label. Great for back to school and school openings in areas that meet recommendations. This is a non-medical face mask. ...click for more details

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New Antibacterial Wipes with your custom full color logo. Contains 10 Wipes and is resealable. Light Citrus Scent with an active ingredient of Benzalkonium Chloride. Not an alcohol sanitizer. Meets FDA Requirements. Stocked now in the US! ...click for more details

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NEW - Sanitizing Hand Wipes 50 ct Pack with an effective 75% Alcohol, Ethanol content. These wipes are effective against viruses and bacteria - exceeding the suggested alcohol content to kill the Covid-19 virus. Pack color is blue, red and white. Price is per package of 50 wipes. Certificates: FDA, CE, MSDS. ...click for more details

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1 oz trapezoid bottle clear gel (63.5% ethyl alcohol by weight and 70% by volume) sanitizer with flip top cap and your custom full color label AND a silicone sleeve for easy attachment - and NOW IN STOCK! Sanitizer raws are USA Made in an FDA registered facility, bottle is from overseas! Exceeds CDC recommendations for sanitizers. These quality hand sanitizers can produce rush in 3 to 5 business days with a full color label. The silicone sleeve is great for tradeshows or attaching to travel items. Mix and match sleeve colors and scents for a fun custom giveaway. Or equip students with these to help stop the spread and keep in-person school open: the silicone covers help slippery hands keep a grip on them. ...click for more details

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Our No Touch Hand Sanitizer Dispenser works with most Liquid/Gel Hand Sanitizers making them ideal for use in offices, schools, warehouses, food services facilities, hospitals, and more. ADA Compliant in force and one-handed operation, making it accessible to people with disabilities. ABS plastic casing is chemical, heat, and impact-resistant, made to provide long service life. Includes infrared sensor for fully automatic non-touch operation Effectively avoid germs or infection without making physical contact with dispenser. Large 1200mL Capacity requires fewer refills. Battery Type - C, 4 - 1.5V batteries required. Automatic, Hand-Free operation for improved hand hygiene. Drip tray catches extra sanitizer so floors remain clean. Wall Mount & Floor stand available. Material: ABS. Weight is concentrated at the bottom to make it tip resistant. ...click for more details
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Our New Hand Sanitizer Stand that will help you meet business opening rules. Flat Steel base 12” Square steel base (~5 lbs), secures to upright with 1 screw from side, and is Telescopic from 28-50" in height. Top tray 4 inches Square, with 2 inch high Lip, Steel, secures to top of upright with screw from above. This sanitizer stand will work with hand sanitizer bottles up to 4 inches W x 3.5 inches deep. Knob in-tray helps tighten the hand sanitizer bottle in place, reduces movement. The listing is for stand only, and does NOT include hand sanitizer bottle, but we can help with that too! ...click for more details

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Kids Face Shields - perfect for school reopening. Optically clear 10 mil wrap-around face shield Made in the USA. 1 1/2″ foam headband holds shield away from face to “float” light on forehead, with no pressure on temples. 7 3/4″ length shield to provide comprehensive protection. Use shield against liquids or dust. Includes elastic headband and forehead foam for comfort. Made in the USA and ships from Kansas! For all day comfort and added protection, this is a great school item. ...click for more details

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Youth Disposable 3-Ply Surgical Style Masks with a nose clip for ages of approximately 4 to 12. Meets ASTM Level 3 Standard. Constructed with Three breathable layers. Top layer is non-woven cloth, filter layer is melt-blown filter and bottom layer is non-woven. Standard Child Size Fits Most Ages 4-12 Years. Comfortable stretchable ear loops and an embedded nose strip (pinch to secure). Clean basic light blue design. Bagged & Boxed In Sets Of 50pcs. ...click for more details

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Premier Pure Hand Sanitizer refill bottles in bulk. This is a powerful formula with 75% isopropyl alcohol that will help slow the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and meets all FDA requirements - Made in USA. May kill more than 99.9% of most common germs that cause illness. Helps reduce bacteria and viruses on the skin. These large hand sanitizer bottles are designed to refill liquid hand sanitizer dispensers. (Liquid-not gel.) Great for hospitals, clinics, warehouses, office, schools, grocery stores or any public gathering place. This is a liquid sanitizer and not a gel! ...click for more details
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128 oz or One Gallon of Advanced Caliber™ - a powerful Made in USA hand sanitizer gel that has been designed to combat the spread of the Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ). Effective sanitizing of one’s hands has shown to prevent contamination. Great for refills at a reasonable price. Ideal Uses: Offices, Warehouses, Factories, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Kitchens, Shelters, Clinics, Hospitals, Care Facilities, Schools, Police Stations and all public gathering places. This Gel Hand Sanitizer May Kill 99.9% Most Viruses And Bacteria, Instant Sanitizing No Water Needed, Antibacterial, Disinfect Hands & Surfaces. Made In The USA. Gel Not Liquid. OPTIONAL PUMP AVAILABLE! ...click for more details

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Outdoor Floor Signs used to promote safety, distancing or other information like Marathon Routes. Designed for walkable and drivable surfaces, Surface Tac is perfect for outdoor use. Recyclable, aluminum foil-based commercial media. Certified slip resistant (ASTM D-2047 & NSFI)with Full-Color Digital imprint. Single Sided Graphic. Product Size: 12" W and 0.4 lbs each. PRICED EACH, SHIPS IN LOTS OF 3 PIECES. ...click for more details

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For the ultimate protection - Use this Wide 2-Panel Counter Top Barrier to Safely Reopen and protect your employees and customers with Available Laser Engraving or Full Color Imprint. Made Of 1/2 inch thick Acrylic. Table Top Sneeze Guard With Double White Acrylic Legs. Optional Round Transaction Hole Or Money Slot. Comes Unassembled. Great for retail, desk separation, or as a sneeze guard. Made in USA. 31.5" W x 23.5" H x 15.5" D. ...click for more details

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Our new Face Mask Case - this lightweight and secure case keeps your face masks clean, dry, and sanitary while helping to prevent cross-contamination. To sanitize, simply wipe down with disinfecting wipes. Stores 3 - 5 medical masks without requiring any folding or bending and can hold certain models of reusable cloth mask as well. Fits in purses, gym bags, backpacks, glove boxes, and center consoles as well as backpacks for a safe back to school opening. Face masks not included ...click for more details

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Child Size Custom Printed Cotton Face Masks with convenient ear loops so that this masks, perfect for schools or summer camps, will fit over an PPE equipment you may have. Comes in white or black - with your custom imprint. Double layered soft cotton. With this mask, that is Made in the USA, for every 1000 pieces sold, 100 are donated to local community healthcare workers! These masks are not medical grade masks - but are meant to hinder the spread of viruses like the Covid-19 virus. They have the feeling of a nice comfy t-shirt and are washable. Protect the most valuable resources we have - protect the children and their families. These are mad from 30/1 ring spun cotton 4.3 oz, 2-ply then custom cut, printed, then sewn for up to 3 colors with good registration. This is a quality mask, not the cheap face coverings offered by many. ...click for more details
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Our new sneeze guard protective barrier is a versatile product can be used in a variety of spaces. Great to help protect both workers and customers. Included removable feet let this barrier stand alone on floors or countertops. Included hook and loop fasteners can be attached to counters for strategic barrier placement. Clear window allows for easy communication through barrier and the display can be wiped down and disinfected quickly and completely. Available single-sided only with a Full-Color Imprint! ...click for more details

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This 20 oz. promotional bike bottle has a screw on top that pops up easily for drinking. Inexpensive, your logo on both sides, under a dollar, eco friendly and MADE IN THE USA - what more could you ask for? How about attentive, intelligent, ...click for more details

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Our social distancing floor stickers are designed to encourage customers and employees to stay 6 feet apart. These are an important aid to help operate your business or retail store safely and slow the spread of coronavirus.  Made from white vinyl with removable adhesive they are durable and feature non slip laminate. Ideal for use in pharmacies, retail shops, supermarkets, banks, hotels and many more businesses. Operate responsibility and show your customers and employees that their health and safety is your priority with our Stay Safe Floor Decals. ...click for more details

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A convenient pack of 5 two ply youth masks in a drawstring bag - all imprinted with your logo. Face masks should be treated like underwear, put them on fresh and clean each day. We all know kids aren't going to take extra effort to do that, (ew, but we were all kids once), so make it as easy as possible with this 5 pack of face masks. Parents and teachers will love you and your business for providing this simple and hassle free PPE. ...click for more details

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21 oz custom water bottle with your logo. With your custom logo imprinted on these wide-mouth thirst-quenching wonders, your customers will be happy, healthy and well hydrated. These bottles are BPA-free. High quality AS Plastic bottle material is shatterproof and break resistant. Stain-resistant plastic. Convenient loop between lid and neck means the lid never gets lost. ...click for more details

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Try out this 20 oz. Tritan Sports bottle with a flip lid and straight wall design. This bottle is made with dishwasher safe, BPA free Tritan and is FDA compliant. Comes in a variety of bottle and lid colors. ...click for more details
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A lightweight backpack easy on your budget, high on quality! Lightly padded featuring a main compartment, front zipper pocket, adjustable shoulder straps, and a top grab handle. ...click for more details

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Child sized 3-Ply Face Masks FDA approved known as surgical style in bulk. These are great for school openings, camps and more. Suitable for ages 4-12 with adult supervision, these are easy to use and lightweight. Buy with confidence! We are an FDA approved supplier. Outer Layer - Waterproof material prevents large particles and droplets from entering the mask. Middle layer - Melt-blown non-woven synthetic fiber catches and clings to small particles. Inner Layer - Non woven fabric provides a comfortable face cover. Adjustable nose bridge and elastic ear loops. One size fits all, comfortable and breathable. These 3 ply medical style face masks are disposable, but you can extend their life with our cloth masks over them as well. Filtration. EN 14683 Type 1 Mask with a BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) 98%! Full reports available upon request. ...click for more details

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Our new adjustable child reusable face masks - come blank but can be decorated. Designed for smaller faces, this soft cotton mask has adjustable ear loops and is shaped for a comfortable fit. Solids are made of three-ply 100% combed ring spun cotton. Heather colors are 50/50 combed ring spun cotton/poly and a 90/10 combed ring spun cotton/poly for Light Heather Grey. These masks are machine washable and constructed to gather at nose and chin­. These are for Non-medical use only and are Non-returnable. ­5 masks per pack­, 500 units per case (100 inner poly bags with 5 units each = 500). These child face masks are not intended for children under age 4­ and for use under adult supervision only. ...click for more details

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