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All Corporate Food Gifts - Corporate Gift Baskets, Candies and Custom Mints

Need to see all of of custom candies, corporate food gifts, promotional mint tins and corporate gift baskets in one place?  We carry a variety of custom food gifts and gift baskets like personalized mint tins, custom gum, promotional chocolate, candy dispensers and more.  Our corporate gift baskets are great for customized holiday gifts.  If you do not see the Custom Food Gifts or  promotional item you like, please call us at 888-332-ADCO as we have many addtional styles to choose from!


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Yummy chocolate squares with your logo perfect for tradeshows or office visitors with these dark or light chocolate squares.
As Low As: $0.32
Custom Jelly Bean Tins with your full color logo - a great promotional treat. The rectangular shaped tin opens to 3 oz. (84 g) of tasty gourmet jelly beans. After the food has been enjoyed, the recipient is sure to find many uses for this handy sized keepsake. The tin is recyclable and shrink wrapped for your safety. Non melt product. Dimensions: 3 3/4" x 2 3/8" x 3/4".
As Low As: $3.98
Custom butter mints fresh with your logo! These yummy individually wrapped mints make delicious inexpensive promos for the office, restaurant, or customers. Custom restaurant mints are the number one selling custom candy in the USA!
As Low As: $0.06
Custom candy tins can be filled with signature peppermints, spearmints, candy cinnamon red hots, jelly beans, chicklet gum, mints, chocolate littles (m&m type), hearts, stars, mini-tarts, or sugar-free mints. We love this inexpensive tradeshow giveaway, great for retail as well. Mint tin is constructed overseas but stock and filled in the USA.
As Low As: $1.49
We love this new mint tin with a custom logo directly printed. Stay fresh after every meal with our square mints. They come contained in a small tin that measures 1/2” x 1 7/16” x 1 7/16”. The lid of the container will feature your pad printed logo so that anyone who gets this will know that you always have their back. Great for Trade Show Giveaways!
As Low As: $1.54
Custom Candy Packets with your choice of red hots, or mints with your logo. These solid color bags of little treats are perfect for hotels, retail locations, and tradeshows alike. Just the right amount of candy in our custom candy packs.
As Low As: $0.35
New Double Duo Mints and Lip Balm Combo pack - combines two of our top sellers in one amazing product. Custom branding for your business in full color plus sugar-free mints AND SPF 15 moisturizing lip balm. What a fun way to pamper your customers and get your brand seen when it pops out of pockets and purses everywhere. Available in your choice of 10 flavors!
As Low As: $2.29
This is one of our favorite promotional mint tins. Large Rectangular Hinged Mint Tin - great as a handy giveaway during tradeshows, conferences and fundraisers. Hand these out after the meal is over and your brand will be remembered fondly by all who receive them. Add your company's logo to this 3 3/4" x 2 3/8" x 3/4" product for an excellent opportunity to promote your business. Hinged tins tend to get saved around the house and office, so your brand will last after the mints are gone. The mints are sugar-free, gluten-free, and made in the USA. Our favorite promotional mint tin!
As Low As: $2.82
Don't just hand that prospective client another boring business card;hand them a treat! Affordable quick mini mint dispensers - great for trade show giveaways with a full color label. Choose this Square Card Style Mint Dispenser with Sugar Free Peppermints as a delicious giveaway during promotional events. This 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" product is Gluten free and meets FDA guidelines. Add your company's logo to this tiny treat for a tremendous opportunity to promote your business. One of our new and trending custom mints.
As Low As: $0.77
A gorgeous and mouth watering gift box featuring your custom logo and 32 milk and dark chocolate sea salt caramels is a sweet (and salty) promotional gift your clients and employees will truly love. Let’s face it- you can’t go wrong with chocolate. Now combine chocolate with rich buttery caramel and sea salt packed elegantly in a red foiled box and decorated with a black band that can be imprinted in full color with your logo and you have the ultimate holiday present, employee reward, and client thank you gift.
As Low As: $54.72
These are popular mint tins with your custom logo on the tin and directly on the mints. Stay fresh after dinner with the imprinted round mints in this domed tin. The container measures 2 3/8” x 1 7/8” x 5/8” and once the lid is closed it can be easily carried in a bag or pocket. This is a great to have at restaurants or gift shops. You can give this out as a gift after a special purchase as well. The structure along with your spot or full color logo imprint boosts this item to a deluxe quality that clients won’t be able to find anywhere else!
As Low As: $2.57
This wrapped Junior Ad Lollipop is the perfect promotional handout for your business! These lollipops come in varying shapes from oval to round and choose from a variety of assorted flavors including lime, orange, grape, cherry and lemon with blue raspberry. The Junior Ad Lollipop is Made in the U.S.A and is non-melting! Call Adco Marketing today to customize with your logo for the perfect handout or for your next event!
As Low As: $0.28
Custom Mint Tin in a pocket size, such a yummy trade show giveaway with sugar-free, gluten-free mints. This sweet box is reusable as well, making this an eco-friendly custom product for your business, wedding, or convention gift. Since tins tend to get saved, your brand will stay around long after the mints are gone.
As Low As: $1.59
One of our favorite custom gift boxes filled with salty caramel chocolates. Delight your customers with the salty and sweet flavor of these irresistible sea salt caramels. Sold in a 7 1/8"W x 4 1/2"H x 1 1/4"D box with 8 pieces, these caramels offer a combination of our mouthwatering milk and dark chocolate sea salt caramels elegantly packed in a silver, black or red foiled box and decorated with a black band. Add your company name and logo in a 4 color process imprint on the black band or imprint directly on the box (black and silver box only) to make a memorable handout that’s perfect for any time of year.
As Low As: $20.83
We love micromints and we love this large rectangular mint tin with your custom full color logo. Create a photo-quality image in full color that everyone will appreciate. The rectangular shaped tin opens to 2 oz. (56 g) of refreshing sugar-free MicroMints (R). After the food has been enjoyed, the recipient is sure to find many uses for this handy sized keepsake. The tin is recyclable and shrink wrapped for your safety. Non melt product. Peppermint will be provided unless specified otherwise on order. Dimensions: 3 3/4" x 2 3/8" x 3/4".
As Low As: $3.05
Fully custom belgian chocolate bar, wow at 2 pounds this makes an amazing thank you gift, volunteer appreciation gift, or employee holiday gift. Yep, light or dark chocolate available
As Low As: $35.99 $43.75
Chocolate coins with your logo - a great Chaunukah or Holiday Gift. Comes in your choice of gold, silver, red or blue foil, these customizable milk chocolate coins will become a fun addition that draws new and old customers to your tradeshow booth. Made in the USA, these coins measure 1 1/2" in diameter and feature classic milk chocolate underneath the imprinted foil wrapper. Perfect for a variety of promotional events, these customizable coins will make a great impression on every event attendee.
As Low As: $0.39
Your message will pop with our greeting card box with microwave popcorn! The ultimate movie snack - share a special moment and make it memorable with your custom logo on the front then flip the top flap to reveal a special message. Let customers know you’re thinking of them with this thank you gift that will grow a fondness for your business that will positively impact your brand.
As Low As: $4.97
This colorful and stylish gift is sure to turn heads and delight tastebuds! With multiple imprint areas and delicious fills, our new 4 Piece Cube Box will absolutely be a hit with your customers, clients, and employees. Featuring your message on the lid with a full color band. Open the box to reveal 4 trendy acrylic cubes alternating full color labels. Delicious candy by Color Mix Includes: Salt Water Taffy, Jelly Belly, Chocolate Buttons, and Fruit Sours.
As Low As: $39.55
Sugar-free mints and genuine wood toothpicks in a truck shaped container are the perfect brand building giveaway for your clients. Each clever tractor trailer shaped box dispenses refreshing sugar free mints or wood toothpicks individually. Kosher certified, FDA approved, and Made In the USA. There is a discrete ingredient label on the back of each mint box. Available in an array of colors and custom printed with your logo for a fun and creative “business card” or popular trade show giveaway. Roll over the competition and get noticed with our Keep On Trucking Mints and Picks.
As Low As: $1.17
Sugar-free mints will be the most creative business card your clients have ever seen! Available in a wide variety of colors to best suit your brand identity. Contains Sugar free mints and genuine wood toothpicks, each dispensed individually. The mints are kosher certified and there is a discrete ingredient label on the back of each mint box. Our Biz Card Mints And Picks are Made in the USA. These business card mints are a perfect trade-show giveaway and will build your brand in the most refreshing way!
As Low As: $1.14
Our Movie Night Kit has everything you need to upgrade snuggling at home in front of the TV into a full-fledged event. Popped popcorn, two different snack bags, seasoning spices, and a hefty ceramic stoneware bowl. Plus a bag of colorful unpopped kernels for repeating the process for next movie night!
As Low As: $46.99
Sliding Mint tins create a lasting impression, used later to hold paper clips or other desktop items. Our custom mint tins are filled with yummy tasting flavors of Peppermint or spearmint. Add some fun with our cinnamon red hots too.
As Low As: $1.74
Dice shaped mint tins with Made in the USA mints. Have a sense of humor and let your customers know it's never a gamble to do business with anyone but you! This larger than life dice shaped tin catches everyone's attention when given away at trade shows, conventions and sales calls. Imprint the tin with full color graphics. The tin is recyclable and shrink wrapped for your safety. Contains approx.1 oz. (28g) of delicious USA-made sugar-free mints. Dimensions: 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" x 1 3/4". Sugar-free MicroMints (R) made fresh in our facility. Peppermint will be provided unless specified otherwise on order. Non melt product. Custom mint shapes available.
As Low As: $3.85
Custom Cookies personalized by Adco Marketing with mouth watering freshness. Baked in the USA, our classic round shortbread cookie with sugar icing is delicious! Individually cello wrapped. Four color process imprint with food coloring. A great unique promotional product and tradeshow giveaway!
As Low As: $2.01
Our BRAND NEW Hot Chocolate Bomb is not only delicious but an amazing food experience! Filled with delicious marshmallows, simply place the chocolate bomb into your mug, pour 10 oz of hot milk over it and watch the bomb unravel before your eyes! Fast and easy, this hot cocoa recipe is sure to make a cold winter's day much better. Comes in a beautiful full color gift box.
As Low As: $5.99 $7.15
Custom Tootsie Pops make your customers feel like kids again! Old time favorite Tootsie Pop. These custom lollipops are great for tradeshows and any giveaway promotion. With a four-color flag label printed on both sides this lollipop is a sure winner
As Low As: $0.52
This unique upscale round Snap Top Tin, Clik Clak™ type, is printed with a high gloss laminated four color process label with full bleed or one color direct imprint. Full color magazine quality printing makes a gorgeous presentation. Tins can be filled with signature peppermints, candy cinnamon red hots, chicklet gum, signature peppermints, chocolate littles (m&m type), colored candy, or sugar-free mints.
As Low As: $1.43
These chocolate bars are perfect gifts for clients and great for tradeshow giveways. Designed to provide endless promotional opportunities, these Milk or Dark Chocolate Bars are available in 1 oz size. Choose from four different imprint areas
As Low As: $1.58
ITEM#  MNT-003
Custom Flip-Top Mint Dispenser. Great for tradeshows, this mint dispenser is sure to live in pockets and purses, coming out time and time again to provide exposure to your custom logo. It can be a life-saver before that all-important networking encounter. Choose from three different flavors.
As Low As: $0.99