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Custom Lip Balms & Promotional Lip Balm Personalized with your Branded Logo

Promotional Lip Balms with your Custom Printed Label - Branded

Our custom lip balms are inexpensive but high impact marketing giveaways and one of our most popular trade show giveaways. Unlike many promo lip balms, we sell retail quality lipbalms that come branded with your logo.  Our Lip Balms come in a variety of standard flavors and typically include a full-color wraparound custom imprinted label.  We also carry popular brands that are Made in the USA like Aloe Up, Snugz and retail brands EOS as well as many natural custom lip balms that are beeswax or aloe based.  We can create a custom flavored retail quality lip balms to meet your needs - coffee, rum, beer flavor and much more.  We have styles similar to ChapStick but with your custom label.  To learn more about our custom lip balms, click here!  If you do not see the Promotional Lip Balm you like, please call us at 888-332-ADCO (2326)  or email us at as we have many additional lip balm styles to choose from!
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An Eco Friendly Lip Balm with Pure Ingredients, Packaging Purpose. The Pout & Pucker Lip Moisturizer and Lip Balm contains only the best ingredients: all-natural beeswax and soothing aloe for gentle, paraben-free lip care. Discover the difference with our sustainable kraft paper tubes, made from 100% post-consumer recycled material. It's lip service that's just too good to pass up! 0.38oz lip balm made with an all-natural beeswax & aloe with paraben-free formula. Sustainable kraft paper tubes made from 100% post-consumer recycled material. Made in the USA with global materials and 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Kraft Paper With FDA Grade Oil Leak Proof White Paper On Inside. All with your custom logo!
As Low As: $1.65
One of our top selling lip balms! Made in the USA, FDA approved, offers sun protection and comes in a wide array of fun flavors.
As Low As: $0.54
Sunscreen and Lip Balm combo with full color labels - a great golf tournament gift or marathon giveaway. Choose this 2oz Duo Bottle with SPF 30 Sunscreen and SPF 15 Lip Balm Combo as a handy giveaway during tradeshows and conferences. Lip balm is free of Oxybenzone, PABA and Gluten. It is USA made in an FDA Registered facility. A little sunlight always raises the spirits: Give your work-at-home employees a reason to bring the office outside and catch some Vitamin D.
As Low As: $3.86
Want a smooth beeswax based custom lip balm - well, your company's name will be on everyone's lips with the help of this customizable lip balm! As the national brand equivalent to Burt's Bees (R) Beeswax Lip Balm, this beeswax-based product is naturally derived with ingredients that include coconut oil, sunflower oil and peppermint oil. Its bold mint flavor and smooth application will leave lips feeling refreshed. We love this smooth formula. Each 0.15 oz. tube features a white cap and can be customized with a full color label. Associating your name with this rich product will make it an unforgettable trade show giveaway!
As Low As: $1.04
Our premium custom natural beeswax lip balm comes in an assortment of over 100 flavors packaged in a white tube featuring your promotional logo and are Made in the USA.
As Low As: $0.69
Beeswax lip balm is free of all the bad stuff like oxybenzone, PBA and Gluten. Choose form an array of mouth watering flavors including Pomegranate, Watermelon, Vanilla Mint, Island Paradise, and many more. It’s hard to choose, right? We know! That's why every order includes up to three flavors at no additional cost with a 250 piece minimum per flavor. This lip loving balm offers SPF 15 sun protection, is Made in the USA, and is just waiting to help build your brand with a full color label featuring your custom logo. This is a fun way to give to prospective customers and get your logo out there.
As Low As: $0.72
Hydra Lips Natural Lip Moisturizer is a rich, hydrating, all natural lip moisturizer available in ten delicious flavors. It is packaged in a white tube made from recycled materials. Made in the USA and ready for your full color logo. What a fun way to get your logo seen.
As Low As: $0.89
We LOVE this new rubberized Round Lip Balms that is Made in USA of a beeswax base and comes with a 1-color imprint, but available in full color as well! Minimum of 100pcs per color. Custom flavors available at large quantities.
As Low As: $1.19
New Double Duo Mints and Lip Balm Combo pack - combines two of our top sellers in one amazing product. Custom branding for your business in full color plus sugar-free mints AND SPF 15 moisturizing lip balm. What a fun way to pamper your customers and get your brand seen when it pops out of pockets and purses everywhere. Available in your choice of 10 flavors!
As Low As: $2.29
Little Bee Natural Lip Balm Minis are big on natural organic ingredients, cuteness, and impact, yet small in size and price to perfectly fit pockets and budgets.
As Low As: $0.64
A modern looking unique ball shaped lip balm with a metallic finish. Vanilla Flavored and safety sealed. Meets FDA Requirements.
As Low As: $1.19
A custom beeswax lip balm with a full color domed lid AND full color label to double your advertising. 21 fun flavors available! This item has a beeswax base and is free of oxybenzone, PABA and Gluten. It's USA Made in an FDA registered facility.
As Low As: $1.15
Right Round Lip Balm comes in a delicious vanilla flavor and features your logo custom direct imprint.
As Low As: $1.15
Introducing our Very Vegan Lip Balm With Custom Full Color Label, a rich, non-sticky, plant based formula featuring candelilla wax that perfectly coats lips and seals in moisture. Simply the finest vegan lip therapy on the market and ready to be customized with your full color logo.
As Low As: $0.86
A custom lip balm cube with your custom logo imprinted. SPF 15 protection, vanilla flavored, filled in USA and it includes your custom logo. Unique marketing gift for conventions, tradeshows, or retail resale.
As Low As: $1.06
The USDA Organic Lip Balm custom imprinted with a full color label by Adco Marketing is a eco-conscious choice of lip care for your clients.
As Low As: $0.99
The Metallic Rainbow Ball lip balm is a fun and practical product. Toss this eye-catching little giveaway in the air at a tradeshow and *bam*--instant attention for your brand, and free lip moisturizer for your future customers. The rainbow sheen on the metallic sphere catches the eye, and the lip balm inside provides top-notch skin care. This is a great way to celebrate Pride Month!
As Low As: $1.19
Aloe Up Brand Spa Quality Lip Balms with your custom logo! These are found at some of the higher end retail outlets. Based in Aloe Oil and PABA free. Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and biodegradable. Contains a minimum of 25% pure Aloe
As Low As: $1.38
Well-Rounded Lip Balm by Adco Marketing is a fun and useful promotional item that will help spread your name through word of mouth.
As Low As: $1.09
Choose this 2 oz Duo Bottle with Hand Sanitizer and SPF 15 Lip Balm Combo as a handy giveaway during tradeshows and conferences. This sanitizer has 63.5% alcohol. Lip balm is free of Oxybenzone, PABA and Gluten. It is USA made in an FDA Registered facility. Other fills available - inquire. Equip students with these to help stop the spread and keep in-person school open.
As Low As: $3.09
Man Balm with your custom full color label. A unique promotional item and tradeshow giveaway.
As Low As: $1.09
Custom mineral lip balms with your custom logo - worth a few cents extra! Our Mineral Lip Balms are formulated with 100% mineral zinc oxide as the active ingredient for SPF protection, the highest in the industry. Users will love knowing that our mineral lip balms are made to be ingredient safe. Note: due to the natural state of the mineral zinc we use, this lip balm may leave a slight white tint on lips when used, depending on how much lip balm is applied. Reef safe and Made in USA.
As Low As: $0.76
A great tradeshow giveaway that has heart! All natural Beeswax formula U.S. made premium Lip Moisturizer in a heart tin.. Price includes cherry lip balm in a white tin with a one color direct imprint or four color laminated decal. 1000 unit minimum for other lip moisturizer colors or flavors.
As Low As: $1.39
SPF 15 custom lip balm in full color with a clip on cap - great for conferences and trade shows. Add color to any promotion with a lip-smacking, tropical-flavored lip balm that has SPF 15 protection! Complete with UVA / UVB, Aloe Vera and vitamin E, this PABA-free balm multitasks by moisturizing lips while preventing burning and chapping.
As Low As: $0.83
Customize this Assorted Lip Balm and Ornament Gift Set for a holiday promotional gift that will build your business all year long. This amazing assortment of metallic lip balms comes packaged with a custom card and stretch bow to hang as an ornament. A unique promotion that will show your clients that you think they are the “balm”! Ideal for boutiques, spas, yoga studios, coffee shops, and more!
As Low As: $7.28
ITEM#  LB-002
Our Custom Organic Lip Balms made in the USA with all natural ingredients comes with a full color custom label. Made with Certified Organic Ingredients. Comes in natural Peppermint flavor! Every time your potential customer reaches to moisturize, they'll be reminded of your brand.
As Low As: $1.03
Aloe Up Brand Spa Quality Lip Balms at a great price with your custom logo and a carabiner! These are found at some of the higher end retail outlets. Based in Aloe Oil and PABA free. Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and biodegradable. Contains a minimum of 25% pure Aloe.
As Low As: $0.84
Aloe Up Brand Spa Quality Lip Balms with Sun Screen - hooked by a carabiner this is the most functional, useful, safe promotional sun kit around. Planning a company picnic? Beach promotion? Fourth of July promo? Keep your customers healthy with this SPF 30 sun stick / lip balm combo. Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and biodegradable. Contains a minimum of 25% pure Aloe.
As Low As: $4.84 $4.94
Chap Ice Custom Mini Lip Balms in two exciting flavors! Miniature pocket sized delicious maraschino cherry or citrus flavored lip balm, with a custom label. Propel your customers to the next level of convenience with our lip balm. It contains 75% of
As Low As: $0.69
All natural vanilla lip balm in a sweet round tin, decorated with your custom full color label. This promotional lip balm is spa quality at a great price point to build your brand.
As Low As: $1.92