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Custom Mints & Promotional Mint Tins Personalized

Personalized mint tins, mint cards and promotional mints & candies with your custom logo. We carry a variety of custom Made in USA mints and marketing candies including personalized full color tins, custom mint cards and hospitality mints. Mints are great for tradeshow giveaways and gifts and are popular for events like Bar Mitzvahs and weddings.  We are proud to carry Made in the USA custom mints and even carry snip snap or clik clak type mint tins. Call us at 888-332-ADCO- to be shown even more variety of custom mint containers and promotional mint trade show giveaways!

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We love this new mint tin with a custom logo directly printed. Stay fresh after every meal with our square mints. They come contained in a small tin that measures 1/2” x 1 7/16” x 1 7/16”. The lid of the container will feature your pad printed logo so that anyone who gets this will know that you always have their back. Great for Trade Show Giveaways! ...click for more details
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Custom candy tins can be filled with signature peppermints, spearmints, candy cinnamon red hots, jelly beans, chicklet gum, mints, chocolate littles (m&m type), hearts, stars, mini-tarts, or sugar-free mints. We love this inexpensive tradeshow giveaway, great for retail as well. Mint tin is constructed overseas but stock and filled in the USA. ...click for more details

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Custom butter mints fresh with your logo! These yummy individually wrapped mints and restaurant mints can be customized for any occasion. Need some candy mints for the office? Chocolate mint creams for your wedding? Soft peppermints to leave behind as you visit clients? Custom mints are the number one selling custom candy in the USA! ...click for more details
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This is one of our favorite promotional mint tins. Large Rectangular Hinged Mint Tin - great as a handy giveaway during tradeshows, conferences and fundraisers. Add your company's logo to this 3 3/4" x 2 3/8" x 3/4" product for an excellent opportunity to promote your business. The mints are sugar free and gluten free. Made in USA mints. Our favorite promotional mint tin! ...click for more details
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These are popular mint tins with your custom logo on the tin and directly on the mints. Stay fresh after dinner with the imprinted round mints in this domed tin. The container measures 2 3/8” x 1 7/8” x 5/8” and once the lid is closed it can be easily carried in a bag or pocket. This is a great to have at restaurants or gift shops. You can give this out as a gift after a special purchase as well. The structure along with your spot or full color logo imprint boosts this item to a deluxe quality that clients won’t be able to find anywhere else! ...click for more details
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his upscale large hinged tin comes printed with a laminated 4-color process decal or a 1-color direct imprint. The tin comes in white or silver. Fills include: Signature Peppermints. Other fills available, please inquire! Tin made in China - Candy made and filled in USA. A great large mint tin! ...click for more details

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Affordable quick mini mint dispensers - great for trade show giveaways with a full color label. Choose this Square Card Style Mint Dispenser with Sugar Free Peppermints as a delicious giveaway during promotional events. This 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" product is Gluten free and meets FDA guidelines. Add your company's logo to this item for a terrific opportunity to promote your business. One of our new and trending custom mints. ...click for more details
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Mint card or credit card mints, Sugar free mints in a plastic mint card dispenser shaped like a credit card. These breath freshener mints are the perfect gift and come in either a black or white case. Printed with a high gloss laminated four 4 color process label with full bleed or direct imprint. With full color magazine quality printing it makes a gorgeous presentation. ...click for more details

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Sliding Mint tins create a lasting impression, used later to hold paper clips or other desktop items. Our custom mint tins are filled with yummy tasting flavors of Peppermint or spearmint. Add some fun with our cinnamon red hots too. ...click for more details

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Dice shaped mint tins with Made in the USA mints. Have a sense of humor and let your customers know it's never a gamble to do business with anyone but you! This larger than life dice shaped tin catches everyone's attention when given away at trade shows, conventions and sales calls. Imprint the tin with full color graphics. The tin is recyclable and shrink wrapped for your safety. Contains approx.1 oz. (28g) of delicious USA-made sugar-free mints. Dimensions: 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" x 1 3/4". Sugar-free MicroMints (R) made fresh in our facility. Peppermint will be provided unless specified otherwise on order. Non melt product. Custom mint shapes available. ...click for more details

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Zagasnack snack promo pack bags. These custom snack promo pack bag treats will take your brand to the next level with breathtaking four color process graphics. A 3" inch bag filled with Jelly Beans, Signature Peppermints, Red Hots, Gum, Spearmints, Swedish Fish, Hershey Kisses, Tootsie Rolls, or Gumballs. ...click for more details

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This unique upscale round Snap Top Tin, Clik Clak™ type, is printed with a high gloss laminated four color process label with full bleed or one color direct imprint. Full color magazine quality printing makes a gorgeous presentation. Tins can be filled with signature peppermints, candy cinnamon red hots, chicklet gum, signature peppermints, chocolate littles (m&m type), colored candy, or sugar-free mints. ...click for more details

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$1.55  $1.21
We love these mini mint rolls with your full color logo. Made in the USA, this tasty, breath-freshening peppermint mini candy roll is the perfect trade show giveaway while satisfying your customers. Measuring 1 1/4" x 3/4", this roll of mints is a non-melt product that makes a great giveaway during a wide variety of promotional events. Customize this edible treat with your company name and logo. ...click for more details

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Custom Credit Card Mints with a full color imprint on a clear or white label. This business card style mint dispenser comes filled with with Sugar Free Peppermints. Meets FDA guidelines. Gluten free. RUSH AVAILABLE! ...click for more details
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Slider mint tins with a custom imprint on the mint! Everyone loves candy and there is no denying that fact. With the innovative Slider Tin, you can have a great promotional product sure to please anyone. The tins can be filled with any of our signature printed candies. All you have to do is pick which one you like best. ...click for more details

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This stylish mint tin comes in aluminum blue and white. Size is 2 3/16'' x 2 3/16'' x 5/8'' and comes with Sugar Cinnamints, Sugar Peppermints, Sugarfree Vanilla Mints - Your choice. 5-day rush available at no charge! ...click for more details

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Custom Flip-Top Mint Dispenser. Great for tradeshows, this mint dispenser is sure to live in pockets and purses - coming out time and time again to provide exposure to your custom logo. Available in Clear, Smoke or Trans Blue case colors. ...click for more details

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For fun in the sun all year round, our Flip Flop-shaped mint tins bring the beach home! Complete with raised straps and a hinged lid, these tins feature multiple colors with a one color pad print. 84 small mints per tin. Mints are made in USA. ...click for more details
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House mint credit card - nice quality and holds more mints than our competitors. Add your full color imprint and make this your handout for real estate, mortgage companies and home shows. ...click for more details

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The Advertising Mint Box is the Best Value in the Industry. Great for a full color imprint and price under a $1 - A great trade show giveaway. 20-25 Mints/Candy in Reclosable Box. Four-Color printing with 5-Sided Advertising. Inquire for design assistance free of charge! Box is eco friendly and recylable. ...click for more details

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Custom mint tins with a clear lid and a direct imprint on the mints! Are you looking for a fun unique promotional item? This slim see through tin filled with mints printed with your logo is the perfect way to do that. ...click for more details

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These yummy individually wrapped candy mints can be customized for any occasion. Our hard candies are available in lots of flavors with the red peppermint starlites the most popular. Pricing is for your choice of peppermint balls, cinnamon ...click for more details

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Decorate these mints with your custom logo printed in vibrant full-color directly onto the mints themselves with edible ink. You can either have a design repeated on each mint or print a large design covering all of the mints. A great promotional mint that will leave a lasting impression! ...click for more details

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$1.65  $1.35
The Original Classic Round Mint Tins with your custom logo. Item Size is 1 3/4'' diameter x 1/2''. Comes in a wide variety of product colors including Steel Silver, Matte Silver, White, Red, Pantone Yellow, Process Blue, Reflex Blue, Pantone ...click for more details

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Employee appreciation for birthdays, job well done, for customers new accounts. A great all around giveaways - our yummy tradeshow mints packaged in pouch bags ready for fundraisers or giveaways. Includes your custom gift tag in full color. Your choice of a solid bag or one of our seasonal mint bags. ...click for more details

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Use this fun mini tin with flavor filled mints to double your message. The slider on the outside can hold full color imprint and include a logo on the tin. ...click for more details

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Orange Citrus Panned Breath Mints with your Custom Logo imprinted by Adco Marketing - a great trade show gift. Thirst quenching Orange Mints in our dual flip top, easy-to-pour, retail style container. ...click for more details

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Mini pill bottle - just the right prescription for a fun tradeshow giveaway or leave behind in an office. Fill with your choice of peppermints, spearmints, red hots and more! ...click for more details

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A great mint with a nice promotional business card holder in aluminum when you are finished. Price includes a one color imprint. Filled with Square Sugar Peppermints. ...click for more details

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Rather than a hinged mint tin, this fun slide out personalized mint tin makes for a creative change. Our promotional mint tins and their various price ranges can be emailed to you, just email sales@adcomarketing.com and we can get you minty ...click for more details

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