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Need Help? Call us at:
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At Adco Marketing, we offer a wide array of promotional product services including company store programs, employee appreciation and awards sites, overseas sourcing for large quantities, and we offer creative concepts to help with any unique promotional item need you may have.  Additionally, we offer many domestic services such as setting up trade show giveaways for the trade show season and more.  Below are a few of the services offered by Adco Marketing.

Typical Promotional Items Company Store

Our typical company store program involves clients purchasing custom promotional advertising items in quantity, Adco Marketing warehousing the selections, then fulfilling orders as needed.  To see our company store process - please go to our Company Store page!

But our NEW company store and employee appreciation websites implement a new type of program.  Production on demand.  While this mainly involves clothing, this saves on warehouse and pick fees (when a warehouse grabs an item and packs it) AND saves on having to warehouse all the sizes, colors, etc. We strongly suggest this type of site for smaller and medium-sized companies.   We can do individual production of shirts, jackets, bags, backpacks and more on an individual basis!  Even large companies benefit from this new type of company store.

Thus a company with offices all over the US or the world saves money by producing on demand or bulk ordering, and at the same time allowing their offices to order small quantities of corporate gifts like logo pens or other imprinted promotional products. Adco Marketing also offers a custom promotional product company store website showing the warehoused items with a simple online shopping environment. Orders are either placed through the website or telephone and are shipped direct from the warehouse to the customer.

Please call us at 888-332-ADCO (2326) to discuss!

Setting Up Your Custom Promotional Product Company Store

    * Determine your store budget (i.e. if you only want ten startup promotional items at low quantities, your startup will be considerably less. If you want 50 items at medium to high quantities, your start-up will be more).

    * Select imprinted promotional products for the store. These items will be selected in concert with Adco Marketing to best fit the overall image and needs you want to project.

    * Determine the regions that will purchase or be served by the store. For example, if you have a large customer base in both the Americas and Europe, you could warehouse business promotional gifts in both regions, saving a significant amount of budget on shipping.

    * Build the Promotional Item Company Store Website. We can construct a site that looks similar to your main website or your intranet. The site can also be divided into subsections such as regional stores or sort promotional products by price, promotional item category or corporate divisions.

    * Warehouse the promotional items in the regions specified for the store or set up an on demand production.

    * Do a Company Store announcement, either through inner-office e-mail or newsletter. Adco Marketing can also contact department heads or people who would benefit from the company store and get their input on the corporate gifts that their particular clients like or need.

Custom Promotional Product Store Operations:
    * Orders are received either via the website or telephone and placed with the warehouse.

    * Orders are shipped from the warehouse or from our small run production facilities direct to the client.

    * Payments are received either by corporate card, personal credit card, check or internal accounting.

    * Company Store Funds are typically held in a trust account used to restock the store or purchase new merchandise as required.  For virtual stores, where product is produced on demand, we can just produce and ship on demand with no trust account!

    * Reports are presented monthly or quarterly, detailing store operations. Products that are not popular are closed out or replaced with products that will be deemed more popular.  For example, imprinted mugs and logo pens are always popular as office gifts, but may not be so popular as a corporate gift.

    * For Employee Appreciation programs, we can do individual high-end items like Bluetooth speakers or high-end clothing like North Face or Nike, and ship them individually to employees.  This is also a great way to do Holiday Gift programs.  Call us to discuss the best company store program to fit your needs at (888) 332-ADCO or (415) 927-2881.

Creative Corporate Gift Proposals and Unique Promotional Items

Do you have an upcoming trade show and need giveaways that your client will keep and use?  Do you want a corporate gift for your employees that they will appreciate and use for years to come.  At Adco Marketing, we are not a simple on-line promotional products company - we are experienced and creative.  We will help you find that unique promotional item that you can proudly put your logo on that will be cherished and remembered.

Our website also divides our products by industry.  Do you require promotional products related to the construction industry, lawyer promotional items, or aviation giveaways?  You can shop by your industry type.  Whatever you are looking for we can find it.  We actually carry over 500,000 items, but only show a select choice on our website.

Also remember, our sales staff average over 7-Years in the field and know our product line.  Unlike many online promotional product companies, we do not have a call center, sometimes overseas, with only a cursory knowledge of promotional advertising items!  Instead, we are proud of our sourcing and stand behind our product.

Overseas Corporate Gift Sourcing

For large run jobs, we have the experience of sourcing overseas.  Need 60,000 imprinted coffee mugs, promotional custom colored tote bags, or logo pens for a worldwide campaign?  Let us know and we can get it done.  The majority of manufacturing for trade show giveaways and marketing products is now done overseas, and we can help with quality factories to source your selections at significantly reduced costs!

Proud to Support USA Made Promotional Products and Green and Eco-Friendly Items

We are very proud to have found a line-up of business promotional gifts that can be sourced in the US.  These Made in the USA products are great to support union made items.  Products made in the US tend to be slightly more expensive than overseas products, but supporting our economy and our work force is important to Adco Marketing!

We also work to keep in line with other socially responsible emerging trends, such as  Green and eco-friendly promotional items.  As the demand for such socially responsible products are increasing in popularity, we have sourced some unique green-friendly items that will not break your marketing budget!


Trade Show Giveaways

Trade show Giveaways was our original mission - providing creative and unique trade show giveaways.   Today, it is still one of our biggest category of sales.  For example, instead of purchasing a simple promotional pen for a tradeshow giveaway, purchase something that will be unique, useful and fun that will stay in front of your client for years to come.

Additionally, as anybody who has attended a trade show can tell you, there are typically two tiers of clients - those after free gifts and those who are strong potential leads.  We have suggested and have had very positive feedback on having two tiers of gifts.  On the display table, have your economical giveaway, but behind the table, have a special gift for a potential client or customer that is more substantial.

If you have any questions about Company Store Programs, Creative Corporate Gift Proposals, Overseas Sourcing, Made in the USA or Green Promotional Products or Tradeshow Giveways - please call us anytime at 888-332-ADCO or 415-927-2881 or email us at - we are always glad to help!