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Custom Power Banks & Branded Promo Mobile Chargers

Custom Power Banks and portable battery chargers for all of your mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, smartphones and tablets all with your personalized branded logo!  And now we have Fast Chargers and MagSafe Power Banks - the ultimate travel and home accessory!  Power Banks are great when your mobile device is running low on battery, great for travel, outdoor or during power outages.  Power banks and fast chargers come in small sizes for mobile phones and larger battery capacities for tablets, iPads and even laptops!  We also carry brand names like Zoom, Origaudio, and Anker in retail packaging - and have many UL certified tech.  We have many custom branded power banks to choose from including new slim models, fast charging styles and USB Type C outlets, and we can decorate many styles in full color.  CLICK HERE To read about custom branded power bank options and specifications.


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Wireless charger with digital display power indicator, a dual port power bank and wireless charging pad. This is great for work at home and on the go charging. Everyone appreciates a power bank. Capacity: 10,000 mAh Input: Micro USB 5V/2 A, Type C 5V/2.1 A USB Total Output: 5V/2A Wireless Output: 5W.
As Low As: $29.44
Everyone loves a custom branded power bank, and this one really packs a punch! This new high-end multipurpose fast charging power bank is great to take with you on the go or to use where a plug will not reach. Travel with class and comfort on a 10,000 mAh Powerbank that offers the highest quality of linen coating. Recharge the power bank with a Type C or the included Micro-USB cable. Charge your device using both wireless charging function or with wired USB-A outputs.
As Low As: $22.99
The ultimate charging custom branded MagSafe solution for your mobile devices with an impressive 10,000 mAh capacity, this power bank ensures you stay powered up all day long. Equipped with 15-watt wireless charging, fast charging USB and Type C ports, and cutting-edge magnetic MagSafe Technology, it provides lightning-fast charging for your devices. The built-in magnetic kickstand allows you to prop up your phone for convenient viewing, while the digital display keeps you informed about the remaining power. With its sleek design and advanced features, this power bank is a must-have for anyone who demands the best in charging technology. MagSafe is the latest and greatest in fast charging, a must for your next wireless powerbank!
As Low As: $32.95
ABS plastic cube-shaped universal international power bank designed for use as emergency battery charger for mobile phones. Device lights up red while charging and lights up blue when power bank is charging your device. [Note light turns off once charge is complete.] Individual phone attachments not included, only charging cable provided. Takes approx. 4 hours for full charge of battery and adds approx 3 hours battery/life to your cell phone. Power / Technology: INPUT: 5.0V/800mA. OUTPUT: 5.0V/800mA. Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. Capacity 2200 mAh. Instructions included.
As Low As: $8.29
The Jolt Charger power bank with a custom metal case! This little battery backup will keep your mobile devices charged up. The 2,200 mAh internal battery has enough life to fully charge an iPhone. The 5V/1A USB output means that it charges at the same rate of most wall chargers. Includes a USB to Micro USB connecting cable which can recharge the battery backup or be used to charge up devices with any micro USB input like Android Smartphones from Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Nokia, and others. You can also use your own cable to charge anything else.
As Low As: $8.75
The Spare Power Bank packs a 10,000 mAh Grade A Lithium Ion battery, LED indicator lights, and a flashlight. You can charge up to three devices with a max output of 5V/2.1A. Includes a USB to Micro USB connecting cable which can recharge the battery backup or be used to charge up devices with a Micro USB input like Android Smartphones from Samsung®, Motorola®, HTC®, Nokia®, and others. This product is also available with a custom wrap for the packaging. Great for executive or conference gifts! You can never have too many power banks, and this one packs away some serious power at 10,000 mAh.
As Low As: $24.89
Want a high end tech promotional item? This Qi Compatible Soft rubberized and easy grip material power bank with wireless charger is the one for you. It's not just a charger, but a power bank, too, which means it doesn't need to hug the wall: it can be placed anywhere! Capacity: 8,000 mAh Wireless output: 5W Input: Micro USB 5V/2 A Type C 5V/2 A. USB Output: 5V/1A & 5V/2A.
As Low As: $29.59
A power bank with USB C, and the convenience of 10,000 mAh Fast Charging Qi Power Bank. Wireless charging speeds of 15W ensure your phone will quickly recharge and keep you on the move while the digital readout lets you know exactly how much juice you have left in the tank! Prop 65 certified and a UL Lithium-ion Polymer battery.
As Low As: $29.95
What's better than a power bank? A power bank with a huge capacity, built-in cables, and an LED display that tells you its precise charge level. The All In One Fast Charger Ten Thousand is exactly what it says: all in one and FAST! While we wish we could credit our writing skills and power of persuasion for selling this product it’s just not true. This product is so wildly popular because it’s the most user friendly power bank on the market. Designed with multiple built in cables, easy grip material, and LED digital display this 10,000 mAh power bank is cap-able of charging any modern phone at the fastest speeds. Packaged in a deluxe gift box this is the perfect gift for your clients and employees this holiday season.
As Low As: $30.36
This custom power bank has it all. Two USB ports for charging multiple devices, a faux leather feel for easy grip, a generous 5000 mAh lithium ion polymer battery with a modern slim design, and a white folding gift box. LED indicators let you know how much charge remains.
As Low As: $13.75
Full color power bank with a light up logo and unique packaging. Light-weight, compact, and extremely unique, the Juicebox portable charger is a budget friendly option for your clients that are sure to stand out from the rest. Its premium lithium ion battery provides a reliable and steady charging speed while the unique 'juicebox' packaging will add extra flavor to your promotion.
As Low As: $26.17
We love this powerful and innovative custom power bank. A 10,000 mAh power bank with both a lightning and Micro USB input so that you can charge your power bank with the same cable you're using to charge any device. Sports a contemporary two-tone metallic finish. Power banks are always a welcome gift. You can never have too many! Input: Micro USB 5V/ 2A, Lightning 5V/ 1.5A. Output: 5V/ 2A. One of our favorite power banks!
As Low As: $22.98
You'll love the design of the MYCHARGE WIRELESS PAD SLIM - 10W FAST CHARGE QI CERTIFIED. It’s ultra thin, made withy high quality materials and capable of charging at the fastest speeds wirelessly. An LED light appears during use to let you know phone is charging. An 18W power adapter and 1.5M cable are included
As Low As: $58.95
Our on trend slim aluminum power bank is an emergency battery charger with a snow canvas accent wrap body. You can simply never have too many power banks. This executive charger is UL certified and its capacity is 4000 mAh for extra charge time! Also includes LED indicator light. This device is CE, RoHS and FCC approved. The Strand Slim Executive Charger includes a gift box and makes a great gift for executives, conventions and holidays!
As Low As: $18.44
Whether you’re traveling for work or play, the EnergyBar is the most efficient way to keep your gadgets from running on empty. Fuel up with this compact-sized, 2200mAh premium grade lithium ion battery power bank and get the energy that you need to keep going. This is not like your $5 power bank. This is a quality premium battery.
As Low As: $13.68
Power-up in style with custom metal power banks! These power banks glimmer as you stay on-the-go. 2600mAH capacity means more power on-the-go. Fits in pocket, purse, or backpack. Samsung battery used to ensure safety, true power, and longer life. Fully charges empty smart phones in about 2 ~ 3 hours. Laser engraving looks great on this product! Size: 3-3/4L x 7/8W x 7/8H. Available Colors: {Metallic} Silver, Deep Sky Blue, Black, Royal Blue, Gold, Lime Green, Orange, and Pink. Individually packaged in a gift box.
As Low As: $10.29
This Anker model is the Ultimate 2-in-1 Charger: A hybrid high-capacity portable battery and dual-port wall charger in one sleek package. High-Speed Charging: In the wall or on-the-go, Anker's exclusive PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies ensure that all devices receive their fastest possible charge. Advanced Safety: Anker's MultiProtect safety system and high-quality LG battery cells ensure complete protection for you and your devices. Charge-and-Go: Charge your device and PowerCore Fusion's internal battery via a wall outlet, then take it with you for up to 3 phone charges—any place, any time. Boasts a foldable plug to ensure maximum portability. What's inside the box: PowerCore Fusion 5000, 2ft micro USB cable, and travel pouch. Gift box dimensions: 6.75L 3.12H 1.4W.
As Low As: $34.45
The Octoforce is a best seller - a wireless charger and power bank with your custom logo in full color by Origaudio. Whether you’re plugged in or going truly wireless, the Octoforce wireless power bank takes charging on-the-go to the next level. Experience an effortless way to charge your devices with a 8000mAh capacity premium lithium-ion battery. Charge two devices at once using both the USB output and the wireless charging technology with any wireless charging compatible device. This portable power bank with a wireless charger will keep you ready for all your daily adventures. Qi compatible. Comes with capacity indicator lights. 2.1 amp wired charging speed with USB port. This is a favorite power bank and wireless charger!
As Low As: $52.18
The Basecamp combination flashlight and powerbank with your custom logo. Make wherever you are your basecamp with the 5V 2200 mAh Basecamp Explorer powerbank flashlight. Sturdy metal exterior, tri-mode flashlight power, and li-ion battery. Webbed strap for secure carrying. Includes cord for charging.
As Low As: $16.99
The Tenfour by Origaudio - a great full color custom power bank. Practical and stylish, this high-capacity power bank is ready to charge you up. Loaded with three USB outputs, a 3.1 amp charging speed, and a 10,400mAh battery capacity, the Tenfour charges up to three devices at once to completion—with room to spare. Its full-color imprint area is the perfect space for your brand to make its statement. Copy that? Tenfour. One of our favorite high capacity power banks!
As Low As: $45.30
Want a product that can do it all? The Evrybox was designed to project amazing sound, WHILE it charges your favorite devices with a built in power bank. This inventive device can play music wirelessly for 60+ hours and will also charge your mobile devices over 2.5 times off a single charge. Classy and sleek, the Evrybox is right up anyone’s alley.
As Low As: $51.82
Slim Power Banks are popular and this UL certified slim Aluminum credit card shaped universal international battery charger for smartphones and other small electronic devices such as GPS and Mp3 players.
As Low As: $12.89
The Perfect Tech Gift set includes eight of the hottest tech items on the market. Mix and match colors for perfect customization! Perfect Tech Gift Set includes: Big Bang Case, Mushroom USB Car Charger, Stick and Go Mobile Wallet Pouch, Neptune Tech Cleaning Cloth, Phone Holder Stylus Pen, Jelly Bean Earphones, Clip and Hold Tablet/Phone Stand, and Jupiter 2,000 mAh Powerbank.
As Low As: $26.75
Who said power banks couldn’t be chic? This new product brings style and utility together to make a long-lasting impression on your clientele–and an even longer lasting battery-life to their mobile devices! Smooth plastic exterior comes in 6 matte colors. Fits in pocket, purse, or backpack. Samsung batteries used to ensure safety, true power, and longer life. Fully charges most smartphones in about 2 ~ 3 hours.
As Low As: $12.29
Help customers and colleagues keep their smartphones charged up at all times with our 5000mAh Dual Port Bamboo Power Bank with Wireless Charger. The gorgeous bamboo outside casing is much more than just a pretty face- it’s also eco-friendly.
As Low As: $16.99
In a hurry, this gift quickly charges everything up! Set includes ABS Plastic square wireless charging pad, PVC charging cable, and UL listed QC 3.0 USB to AC Adapter in elegant gift box
As Low As: $42.65
A promotional power bank affordable enough for a trade show! This power bank with a 1,200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, provides power to charge smartphones and many other devices. It also features a key ring for easy carrying. Includes a USB to Micro USB charging cable. Input 5V/1A, output 5V/1A. This is a power bank that will give an energy boost to your phone when needed, sold at a bargain price!
As Low As: $4.59
Charge up your marketing with this 5000mAh Mini Power Bank featuring your logo. Branded power banks are a bestselling corporate gift - tried, tested and loved by our customers.
As Low As: $11.95
The Glossy - modern styling with a large battery! Stylish and glossy, this power bank features a large, open imprint area. The design comes in many different vibrant colors, so pick a color that represents your customer’s unique company identity. 4300mAH capacity–that’s a lot of power. Slim shape fits easily in pocket, purse, or backpack. Samsung battery used to ensure safety, true power, and longer life. Comes gift boxed.
As Low As: $18.39
A classy, high-capacity power bank with an LED flashlight. 10400mAH capacity–that is power for days. Elegant curved design fits in purse, backpack, or briefcase. Quality battery used to ensure safety, true power, and longer life. Provides protection from over-current, over-voltage, short circuit.
As Low As: $28.95