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Custom Tape Measures & Promotional Tape Measures

Custom Tape Measures and Promotional Measuring Tapes imprinted with your personalized logo in bulk by Adco Marketing.  Construction and real estate marketing gifts, and trade shows are perfect areas for giving these away.  Custom construction quality tape measures are great for construction companies or as an employee or custom gift.  From mini tape measures, keychain style, contractor grade tape measuresor full magnetic style tape measures, we have it.  Call 888-332-ADCO for even more custom tape measure options.

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16' foot pull and press to lock tape measure with domed decal has a comfortable rubberized finish. Built-in belt clip and wrist strap. Measuring tape is 1" scale with 1/16" increments. A great promotional item for those in construction and home improvement. This is a quality tape measure with your custom logo.
As Low As: $4.47
Construction quality branded 25'tape measure with pull and lock technology. Retraction with the push of a button and comfortable rubber finish. Features a built-in wrist strap and belt clip. Measuring tape is 1" scale with 1/16" increments. The perfect promotional tool for construction, home care, and renovation industries.
As Low As: $7.24
10' Foot quality tape measure with pull and press to lock technology and a rubber finish for comfort. Features a wrist strap and belt clip built-in. Measuring Tape is 1" scale with increments of 1/16". A great custom promotional product for those in the construction, renovation and home care industries!
As Low As: $3.46
Round 5' Foot Tape Measure with durable PVC tape. Imperial and Metric systems of measurement. Features auto-lock and push button return. Customize with your logo for the perfect promotional product. Great giveaway for construction, restoration, or home care business.
As Low As: $0.99
Key Tag Tape Measure with your logo by Adco Marketing. Features a 3' metal tape measure with metric and inch ruler and an attached keychain. This functional promotional item is perfect for tradeshow giveaways, real estate, construction gifts and more!
As Low As: $1.36
Compact retractable 5' foot tape measure key chain with square shape. Features auto lock and button return and a split ring key chain. Made of ABS and durable PVC tape. Great small promotional item for the construction, renovation, and home care industries.
As Low As: $1.05
ITEM#  BOF-001
Handy key tag is a cute little guy that is truly a Handy Man to have around! Featuring a swivel key chain, bottle opener, LED flashlight and 3' measuring tape.
As Low As: $2.76
25 Foot Imprinted Tape Measures with your logo by Adco Marketing. Perfect for the construction, engineering and real estate industries. Features a 25' metal tape measure with metric and inch ruler and strap. Give this heavy duty gift at the holidays or for an employee reward.
As Low As: $6.13
Hang onto your keys' with this handy house shaped tape measure with release button and key chain customized with your logo. Try this functional promotional item your clients will be sure to appreciate! Great tradeshow giveaways! Perfect
As Low As: $0.75
Have a Heart' with this heart shaped tape measure key tag personalized with your logo. This handy promotional tape measure/key chain features a 5 foot vinyl tape with release button on back. Great convention giveaway for the healthcare,
As Low As: $0.99