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Custom Folding Umbrellas & Promotional Mini Umbrellas with Your Personalized Logo

Folding and Mini Custom Umbrellas or Promotional Umbrellas with your personalized logo - a great corporate gift and promotional item.  We have a large variety of folding umbrella and mini umbrella styles to choose from and with a custom umbrella, you have a very large imprint area on the panels that will let you get your logo noticed by all!  Our folding umbrellas come in both manual and auto open options.  If you do not see the folding or mini Promotional Umbrella you are looking for, please call us at 888-332-ADCO anytime as we have many additional styles to choose from.

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One of our best selling styles, the inverted umbrella, is now available in a folding model. Inverted ribs will keep you dry and push rain away. 46” arc. Auto open / close. Pongee fabric. Matching sleeve. Folding Rebel Umbrella. ...click for more details
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$15.90  $12.25
Promotional Inverted Umbrellas are trending and this will not be a trend that will fade. Innovative inverted folding design: opens and closes "inside-out" or in reverse making it easier to use when entering and exiting a vehicle. It keeps the water contained and outer surfaces dry. The umbrella can stand on its own when closed allowing the water to drain out to dry. Auto closing with push button pinch-proof runner. Dual layer pongee canopy. This is one of our favorite inverted umbrellas! ...click for more details
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48” arc inverted style umbrella. Contrasting color on underside. Manual open/close. Pongee Fabric. Straight rubberized finger grip, handle. Revolutionary design. Umbrella closes away from you, thus keeping you dry when closing. Easier to close when entering or leaving a car or through a door. It’s only been 300+ years, it’s time to change things up. We love this unique promotional umbrella! ...click for more details
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$27.90  $21.46
An Umbrella that can tell you when it will Rain? This umbrella with your smart phone can!! Auto open/close super mini. 43" arc. 11" when closed. Non-slip rubber coated handle. Fiberglass ribs and Nylon sleeve. 6 Panel construction.Available in Black, Navy, Red, and Charcoal. ...click for more details
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All fiberglass folding umbrella. 46” arc. Automatic opening. Vented technology. Double rib construction. Nylon. Non-slip rubber grip handle w/ color coordinated design. Matching nylon sleeve. This is a staff favorite vented umbrella! ...click for more details
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A Bargain Quality Promotional Umbrella with your custom logo! The Revolution! 42" arc auto open, folding umbrella with new Wind Reflex frame. If umbrella inverts, it will come back without damaging the frame of the umbrella. Many colors including awareness pink ...click for more details

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Our Lil Jo 42" Arc Umbrella is on trend and functional with its color coordinated shaft and fiberglass ribs!  Features include an automatic opening, wind reflex frame and is made of Pongee polyester. Our black rubber spray handle with color accent adds color and visibility!  Our Lil Jo Umbrella also comes with a matching color sleeve.  A great modern custom umbrella. ...click for more details
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The Windjammer Auto Open and Close Compact Custom Umbrella by ShedRain. Ergonomic rubber grip handle. Electrostatic steel shaft and ribs. Generous 43-inch arc and a vented canopy engineered to resist wind. The Windjammer® compact auto open and close umbrella has it all. ...click for more details

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This is a best selling folding umbrella that you will love! 43" arc auto open folding umbrella. Superior quality with hexagon shaft and vented technology. Can withstand winds up to 50mph without inverting. Solid wood, ergonomic correct handle. Matching nylon sleeve. Great executive gift. ...click for more details
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Slazenger Vented Folding Golf Umbrella with your logo. You will be trendy and dry on the golf course with this Slazenger Auto Open Folding Golf Umbrella! This sleek design is vented with a pongee canopy with trending three-color design! Features a Pongee carry case with shoulder strap which matches the color pop. A black rubberized handle for easy holding during rainy/damp conditions, is printed with the Slazenger logo in matching color-pop. Safety tips include folding to 21” long. Available for 24 Hour Production! ...click for more details

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Want a promotional umbrella with style? The Newport striped umbrella that folds to a perfect 11 inches in length, auto open feature and stylish colors. 42? arc. 11? when closed. Automatic opening. Stripe design. Pongee polyester. Matching color rubber spray handle. Matching sleeve. ...click for more details

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Custom mini folding umbrella with your logo. Automatic opening mini nylon umbrella with 42" arc, black shaft and ribs, black rubber handle with bungee wrist strap and matching nylon sleeve. 12" when closed. ...click for more details

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The World of Thanks Custom Umbrella. This Promotional umbrella says thank you in various languages on the underside and you can print your logo on the outer panels. 48" arc, auto open and black rubber spray handle. Has matching sleeve. RUSH AVAILABLE! ...click for more details
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Executive auto open umbrella wind resistant frame and nylon 43" arc. ...click for more details

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$14.92  $13.25
One of our most popular promotional umbrellas. 42" arc auto open folding umbrella with vented technology. Rubberized handle for secure grip in high winds. Available in black, navy, hunter, black/white, and royal/white! FREE 3-DAY RUSH PRODUCTION ...click for more details

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The Cloud Custom Umbrella - great for promoting your cloud computing services or as a cool fun themed umbrella. Automatic opening 43" arc folding umbrella with PU coated double sided fabric, round wood handle, and matching sleeve. FREE RUSH AVAILABLE - PLEASE INQUIRE! ...click for more details

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The Barrister Umbrella - one of our most popular promotional umbrellas. Small Folding Auto-Open, Nylon fabric, 44 inch arc, this custom printed umbrella folds to 15 inches. Plastic handle with carrying strap and clear vinyl sleeve. Metal ...click for more details

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The 42" totes® 3 Section Auto Open Umbrella in a stylish design with your custom logo. Just watch the rain drops trickle off while you stay nice and dry. Canopy opens to 42 inch arc and offers excellent rain protection. Lightweight steel frame and strap make it easy to carry. Modern handle design with a pop of color. Features finger groove on back of handle for extra comfort. Includes carrying strap for convenience. Comes with totes® umbrellas lifetime warranty. ...click for more details

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Our auto open/auto close custom folding umbrella has a 42" arc and folds to a mere 11" for easy transport. Stylish pongee fabric and fun colors like red, pink, lime, black, and orange. ON SALE NOW AT 100 PIECES OR MORE! Don't see the custom ...click for more details

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Wow, what a fun take on a standard folding umbrella! Polka dot image in on the underside as well Bubbly polka dot pattern with a 44 inch arc. As quick as 2 day production available for this custom umbrella. Whether for a nonprofit event ...click for more details

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43" arc, mini fold umbrella with auto open and close feature. Love the feel of this rubberized, color matching handle. Nylon fabric. High perceived value - has a retail look. Closes to 10" in length ...click for more details

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Traveler Large Auto-Open Folding Umbrellas with your custom imprint - a great large folding umbrella at a great price. Nylon fabric with large 58 inch arc. Metal shaft with a wooden handle. Folds to 22 inches. Clear vinyl sleeve included. ...click for more details

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The Tempest- 54" arc auto open/close umbrella folds down to 12" in length, but opens large enough to keep you dry in inclement weather. Comes with a sporty sleeve with a handy shoulder strap. It has a nice rubberized handle and pongee umbrella ...click for more details

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