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Promotional Product Categories

Promotional Hand Sanitizers and Custom Anti Bacterial Sanitizer Bottles

Flu prevention promotional hand sanitizers have been very popular.  Protect yourself and your customers with our Purel hand sanitizers, natural sanitizers and alcohol free custom sanitizers.  Most labels can be customized with a full color imprint and with all of the sizes, shapes and fills, these are a very popular tradeshow giveaway.


Types of Hand Sanitizer Containers

There are three main type of hand sanitizers.

The first, an most commonly used, are the hand sanitizer bottles.  Common sizes include 0.5 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz.  The 0.5 oz and 1 oz are the most popular sizes due to their low cost and lack of bulk.  The contents can be alcohol based or non-alcohol and are typically in gel form.

The second most common hand sanitizer is the spray pen.  These are a very convenient size and spray a mist on your hands.  They do not spill easily and are typically 10 ml in size. These custom sanitizer spray pens come in a variety of lovely scents or unscented sanitizer is a popular choice.

The third type are sanitizer wipes.  This is not as popular in the promotional product industry due to size and limited use.  These are typically disposable cloths soaked in an antibacterial solution.

Types of Fills

The most common fill used in hand sanitizers is a gel based aclohol that typically kills 99.9% of existing germs.  The mix typically contains around 60% or more of ethyl alcohol.  This is a very effective anti bacterial solution but does have the disadvantage of drying hands out with repeated use.

Non alcoholic hand sanitizer and contain ingredients such as benzalkonium chloride.  While effective, there are many camps that do not believe it is as effective as the alcohol based sanitizers.  The advantage of these type of fills is that it typically does not dry out your hands as much as alcohol based sanitizers.

Made in USA vs Made in China

At Adco Marketing, we do recommend Made in the USA fills for quality purposes.  While minimal problems have been found with overseas production of these items, there have been numerous occasions of problems with food related items.  Due to this, we strongly feel that the USA based fills are superior.

Decoration Methods for Hand Sanitizer Labels

The great news about our promotional hand sanitizers is that the custom labels can typically be done in full color.  This is a great advantage since you can make your logo pop on these labels with anything from logos to full color photos.  Some hand sanitizers will also include a direct imprint on the bottles.  This is usually a pad print or a direct screen print.  This can have an eye opening effect but may cost a bit more and is typically limited to 1 to 2-color imprint.  Some of our sanitizers now have a direct digital full color imprint available.  Please inquire.

Below you will find two of the most common type of imprints - a clear and solid label for comparision.  The label comes out better for full color than a direct imprint as shown.

Name Brand vs Generic

While a lot of people trust brand names like Purell which we carry, the ingredients of alcohol based hand sanitizers are fairly simplistic and the manufacturers we use are known for their quality.  There is always a little more appreciation for name brand gifts, but for practical use the off brand hand sanitizers function as well as name brand sanitizers.

As is described, there are many choices of hand sanitizers available.  If you do not know which option to do for your next event or tradeshow, call us at 888-332-ADCO (2326) as we have many additional options to choose from.