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Promotional Product Categories

Buying a Custom or Promotional Padfolio

Buying a Custom Padfolio

Purchasing a padfolio with your logo can be daunting.  What size to purchase, what material it's made up of, what kind of decoration to do and more. Little known fact to help in your searches is that a padfolio typically has a zipper, a "note pad" won't have a zipper, and a zipper with a handle is usually a "portfolio".  And now with iPads, Tablets, Power Banks and Mobile Phones - padfolios can double as a notepad and a custom technology case.  All of these styles and options affect the pricing and quality of your item.  The quality of imprint is also important.  Deboss padfolio, embroidered padfolio and screened padfolios all have very different perceived values.

Where to Giveaway a Padfolio?

A padfolio can be so useful for conferences, business meetings, sales force items, tradeshows and client gifts. It can also be used as an iPad or technology holder with more bells and whistles.  The best way to extend the life of your conference promotional product material is to deboss the logo onto your padfolio.  This means buying a padfolio in a durayhde or leather material which offers the ability to "indent" your logo onto the front - much like Coach brand does with their products.

Padfolio Features

Do you just need a note pad?  How about a pen or a stylus or holders for your iPhone or tablet.  Sometimes your padfolio can even come with calculators included in the price.  Usually you need at least three slots for business cards and one slot for a calculator, a usb drive and now your tablet, iPad or iPhone.  Adco Marketing offers pens inserted into your padfolio at time of order, so be sure to ask for this option!

Padfolio Colors

Yes, we are all used to seeing a padfolio in black (ok, not too exciting, but not exactly bright either). There is however, life beyond black.  Lime green, royal blue, burgundy, striped, polka dots and more are all available in a padfolio.  Jazz up the conference, back to school pack or executive gift with something fun and colorful.  Royal blue padfolios and notepads are very popular.

Sample Padfolio

The best thing one can do is to request a sample of the padfolio you are looking into.  Touch and feel does vary from canvas to leather padfolios to durahyde, so be sure to check on the quality as well.  A vinyl padfolio will not feel like a corporate gift, though with padded vinyl it serves the budget well and is perfect for a conference.  A durahyde padfolio like our Leeds padfolio is a "can't believe it's not leather" type of material.  An executive however is probably going to prefer a leather padfolio with technology inserts.  Adco Marketing has expert sales people in this area.

Buying a Padfolio

Are you in a hurry to buy your padfolio?  At Adco Marketing we pride ourselves on selling a quality padfolios, with all the features you need for your event. Add a pen, deboss your logo, even a custom notepad is available.  Have an insert for your smart phone, tablet or iPad.

We are based in the US and a padfolio from us means high quality, often produced in just twenty four hours, on time for your event.  Rush padfolios mean there may not be time for a sample - all our sales people have touched our padfolios so you will be advised in advance of the quality of product you are purchasing.  Sometimes there is not a lot of time to prepare for your conference - we understand that and will assist with help in the art are as well!  Promotional padfolios by Adco Marketing - a memorable corporate gift.