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Need Help? Call us at:
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Company Stores by Adco Marketing

Company Stores by Adco Marketing - Corporate Gifts

Here How it Works


First, create the perfect sending strategy, fully integrated with your existing programs and campaigns. Choose from limitless sending options (custom boxes, swag, food and wine, eGifts…), to ensure your Physical Impressions™ are timely, relevant, and completely custom to your recipients.

How Company Stores Work
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Next, click to send from the tools you’re already using, including Salesforce and Marketo. You specify how you want your item to be packaged—the box, crinkle paper, copy on the handwritten note—our warehouse team follows your instructions exactly and gets it sent out promptly. Or if you’re sending an eGift, it lands in your recipient’s inbox right away!


Last, connect with your recipients as soon as they receive your package or eGift. Because Send Tracker shows you the progress of your send in every step, you can time your outreach and follow-up perfectly. Best part, you can FINALLY measure the effectiveness of your offline marketing efforts with the Analytics Dashboard, so you know exactly how Sendoso is driving revenue.

How Consumers Connect to Company Stores

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Goodwill Company Store


Hausner School Spirit Store


If you would like to discuss your company store, school spirit store or pop up store - please call us anytime at 888-332-ADCO (2326)!