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About Custom Power Banks and Mobile Batteries

Custom Power Banks For Smart Phones and Tablets

Custom Power banks and Portable Chargers used to be a novel item.  Now, with all of our power hungry devices like smart phones, tablets, iPhones and iPads, they have become a necessity. Power banks can be confusing depending on the power needs of your portable device.  Just as there are many types of electronic devices available to own, there are just about as many kinds of power banks to charge them. So the question really comes down to which will fit your promotional needs the best and Adco Marketing is here to help you with information and a wide variety of custom power banks to choose from.


How Much Power Do You Need from your Power Bank?

First and foremost you will need to know just how much power you will need to have to recharge your portable device. If you simply want to have power to recharge your cell phone it is advisable to get a power bank that will have the capacity to fully charge it from empty. An iPhone battery runs approximately 1,400mAh to 3,600mAh (mAh is unit of measure for power storage in batteries) depending on the model.  A detailed chart with approximate battery storage sizes is shown below.





mAh (appoximate)

Apple iPad 4


Apple iPad 3


Apple iPad 2




mAh (approximate)

  Apple iPhone 11 Pro  3046
  Apple iPhone 11  3110
  Apple iPhone XR  2942
  Apple iPhone XS Max  3174
  Apple iPhone XS  2658
  Apple iPhone X  2716
  Apple iPhone 8+  2675
  Apple iPhone 8  1821
  Apple iPhone 7+  2900
  Apple iPhone 7  1960
  Apple iPhone 6+  2915
  Apple iPhone 6  1810

Apple iPhone 5S


Apple iPhone 5C


Apple iPhone 5


Samsung Galaxy S10+


Samsung Galaxy S10


Samsung Galaxy S9


Samsung Galaxy S8


Samsung Galaxy S7


Samsung Galaxy S6


Samsung Galaxy S5



Power Bank USB Output

Tablets and Smartphones typically have different power needs in how much power they draw from a power bank.  For tablets and iPads, it is typically 2.4A and for Smartphones and iPhones, it is typically 1A.  A charger with a 1A output will still charge a tablet but at a slower rate.  If you need speed in your charging, we would suggest an uprgraded power bank with a 2.4A output option.  Some of our higher end power banks come with 2 USB outputs including 1A and 2.4A and have larger batteries that can charge more than 1 device at a time!


ADCO Marketing Can Help You Choose The Best Custom Power Bank for You

From on the road sales force to corporate or holiday gifts, portable chargers or power banks make a unique quality promotional item that can get you noticed. Select and customize from our large selection of custom power banks as we can fit your price range and needs. Email us at or call us at 888-332-ADCO (2326) to discuss your custom power bank requirements.