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Fundraising and Promotional Products

Promotional Products have been used as fundraisers for years.  Whether selling souveniers as commemorative items for your event, launching an online fundraising program, or having your school fundraising projects through the PTA, odds are that you will need logo promotional products to assist you.  The Gofundme has been used very successfully for raising funds for schools, non profits and individuals going through tough times.  We often will produce promo gifts that we drop ship to clients who donate larger amounts.


Why Use Promotional Products for Fundraisers?

Typical fundraising ideas use candy, wrapping paper, bake sales and car washes.  All of these are great ideas but don't generate the kind of income needed for today's troubled schools, non profit foundations and religious centers.  Our fundraising promotional products are priced low enough to get you the maximum amount of dollars for your time spent.  Additionally, fundraisers using promotional items increase affiliation with your grand.  Instead of just writing a check, our fundraising items to sell or give away with donation,  give the donor something to remind them of their gift as well as something to show off and encourage others to donate.  That's why our public radio station fundraiser giveaways are so successful!

Types of Fundraising Products

We recommend purchasing a fundraising promotional product that reflects your mission whether it's the school you are raising funds for or a non profit event.  Additionally these promotional products need to be of high quality and with a high perceived value.  If a person donates $1000 to your school, a cheap $.69 promotional bpa free bottle is nice, but does not match the size of the gift.  Conversely a promotional product such as a USB drive might give off the wrong impression that you are throwing money away.  It's a fine line! 

Fund Raising Products and products that have worked in the past for us include custom aluminum water bottles and promotional bpa free stainless steel bottles.  The cost is fairly low under five dollars typically and they can be sold for ten dollars and up.  These are typically used as direct fundraising items - in other words you prepurchase the bottles then go out and sell them.  We are happy to take these fundraising bottles and mockup your logo on them as well so that you can presell which often keeps the quantity purchased more in line with what can be sold.  Our fundraising items are available in 48 hours so no need to delay making your foundation the money it needs!

Another product that works well is our custom apparel and custom t-shirts.  Whether you are looking to use these as fundraisers themselves like for a Hanes Beefy T for example, or as a gift in exchange for donation it's hard to go wrong with logo shirts.  However these do require lots of inventory investment which means carrying lots of sizes and hoping they all sell.  Without a previous record of promotional clothing success we usually recommend starting this later in your company store or non profit fundraiser process.

When thinking of fundraisers, think of items to sell with function.  Is it for a sports team fundraiser?  Logo sports items including custom stadium cushions, stadium blankets and stadium cups all sell very well.  Indeed you can take that cheap under fifty cent cup, charge a dollar and include perhaps discount refills as further incentive.

Fundraising Promotional Product Stores

We are often asked to warehouse promotional products for fundraisers.  Typically this is for large quantity requests upwards of $100,000 per year in promotional items.  However we are happy to setup a temporary website to assist you in selling your promotional products for fundraisers - this often works well for both parties.   See our company store options which sell swag nicely.  Call 888-332-ADCO for more options and ideas on these types of fundraiser promotions.

Fundraisers and Volunteer Appreciation

Fundraisers take lots of volunteers.  Our volunteer gifts range from custom lapel pins to custom shirts and travel mugs.  Promotional products have such a wide range of uses!  Just ask our staff at Adco Marketing to recommend the right set of fundraising promotional items for your needs.  888-332-ADCO.