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About Umbrellas


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About Umbrellas including Brands and Styles
At Adco Marketing, we carry hundreds of custom umbrella styles that can be imprinted with your logo.  We carry everything from mini umbrellas, folding, golf and stylish fashion umbrellas for the executive gifts.  For cafés and restaurants, we have market style umbrellas including with solar power for smartphone charging!  Our umbrellas vary from bargain giveaways to high-end executive styles.  We also have added several name brand umbrellas including totes, ShedRain, AAA and Peerless.

Custom Mini and Folding Umbrellas
Mini Custom Umbrellas are great for travel and come in a variety of styles and options.  These giveaways are perfect for people on the go and travel.  They can typically fit in purses, computer bags and more.  Some of the newer styles are auto open and even auto close.  The common complaint on this type of umbrella are failure rates due to wind and such.  Some of our newer styles are vented and have frames made of a more durable fiberglass making them stronger and more durable.  And our Reverse Style umbrellas are great so the moisture does not run all over your shoes when they are closed!

Our folding umbrellas are one of our most popular styles.  Whether they are auto open or manual, they are a great combination of size and functionality.  In addition, and similar to the mini styles, we now have a variety of new materials including fiberglass which is very strong and lightweight.  Also, some of our staff favorites have vented tops allowing for high winds without failure.  The imprint areas available are varied including panels, sleeve, handles and more.  We also carry a large variety of women's style umbrellas.

Golf Umbrellas
Promotional Golf Umbrellas are great for golf tournament gifts or for everyday use.  The Golf Umbrella typically refers to a larger size and hefty strong construction.  The styles are wide and varied including the wind resistant like windbrella or storm buster series.  The imprint areas are typically very large if on the panel, and we also carry the logo view handle with which you can imprint in full color.  The vented golf umbrella is a vast improvement and very popular being able to handle large wind gusts with no problems.  Our color selection is also great and with larger custom overseas orders, we can create an umbrella in your company colors with custom dye lots.

Fashion Umbrellas
Our custom fashion umbrellas are great as an executive corporate gift or holiday promotional item.  Coming in a variety of fashion styles including the classic wood handle umbrella to the more modern fiberglass frame.  In addition, we have retro styles and eco umbrellas.  Cotton fabric umbrellas are also a classic style statement which are great for executive and higher end umbrellas.

Custom Made Umbrellas
Besides the hundreds of standard promotional umbrella styles, we can also custom produce umbrellas in higher quantities.  Most custom-made umbrellas take 6 to 8 weeks to produce, but can be produced in creative styles including custom fabric dyes, full panel imprints, inside panel imprints and much, much more.  If you need a concept for our overseas custom umbrellas, please call us at 888-332-ADCO or email us at as we can create a variety of creative custom umbrella concepts.

Umbrella Canopy Material and Framing
What makes one umbrella superior to another?  It basically comes down to the canopy material and the frame construction and venting.  There are also the details such as how it is spring-loaded.

For the canopy material, there are typically three options - polyester, nylon and pongee.  Most bargain umbrellas are made with a polyester which is works well for lite rains but can actually soak through and takes longer to dry.  The longer it takes a material to dry, the more likely it is to mildew, which is a significant problem with bargain umbrellas.  To make a bargain umbrella last, we suggest letting it dry in an open position.

Nylon is a very common fabric for umbrellas and is more waterproof and stronger than polyester.  You will find this material in most medium grade umbrellas.  It can still mildew, but will typically last longer than polyester.

Pongee is, in our opinion, the best umbrella canopy material.  You can tell a pongee material as the water will bead off of the canopy and it is strong and less likely to mildew.  This is the material that is typically used on higher end umbrellas and is one of our favorites.

Wood Frames
Wood frames or shafts on an umbrella are typically used more for a look than stability.  There is a certain style and class with a wood frame umbrella but, as many are aware, it is not as strong as other framing material.  Bamboo is often used as it is highly elastic and has superior strength per thickness.

Metal Frames
One of the most common umbrella frame material, metal or steel, is quite strong but does have more of a utilitarian look.  It is a great material for folding umbrellas, as it can be constructed to easily slide for auto open and close functions.  One of the failure points, however, tend to be at the metal joint, where umbrellas fold.  While steel frames are highly regarded, they are not, in our opinion, as good as Fiberglass.

Fiberglass Frames
Fiberglass is a superior material in that it has function, strength, flexibility and a modern look.  It can also be dyed to make a fashionable look with a color shaft.  Often used for wind resistant or proof umbrellas due to it's inherent strength and flexibility, it is being used in more and more umbrellas.  This is one of our favorite materials.  Strength, flexibility and, with the right design, the ability to flex inside out without breaking.  If you want a promotional umbrella that will last, take a serious look at fiberglass.

Also, see our new promotional umbrella app here!


To See Our Custom Umbrella Styles - Please Select a Section Below