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Promotional Product Categories

Promotional Coffee Mugs & Custom Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic Mug Purchased in Bulk

When ordering a large quantity of any promotional item, it is best to know your product well.  The main issue with a ceramic mug bulk purchase is that the freight can be relatively high.  Make sure the ceramic mug will not ship from California if your company is in New York for example.

Ceramic Mug Shapes and Sizes

Need an 11 ounce coffee mug? How about 15 ounces?  A ceramic mug can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  No longer do we have to stick with the straight ceramic mug with the c-handle.  Get a unique shape, or just something different such as a latte mug or bistro ceramic mug shape.

Pricing for a Ceramic Mug

Now the least costly 11 ounce ceramic mug is available as low as $0.99 each in white.  If you are on a budget this is the way to go!  White does tend to show coffee stains a bit more though so if you can add just forty cents or so, you would get a crisper look for your ceramic mug with a little color.  Cobalt blue with a white imprint is our best selling ceramic mug in this category.  Make sure there is no charge for the second side imprint as well!

Uses for a Ceramic Mug

The ceramic mug giveaway makes sure your logo is front and center on the desk.  Put the logo on both sides of your ceramic mug for even greater visibility.  Even if the ceramic mug is brought home it still stays around for years.  Think back, how often have you thrown one out?  We always advise to maximize the size of your logo and perhaps to put the phone number and website on the second side of the mug.

Ceramic Mug for Coffee Shop

Mugs break, things happen, we understand!  Make sure the company you purchases from keeps your art on file and won't charge screen charges when you reorder.  A ceramic mug can be a great giveaway for a coffee shop.  Perhaps you can resell them and give free coffee refills when they use the mug!  Find a sales person with lots of good ideas and terrific shapes as well to choose from.

The Ceramic Mug History

We've been selling the ceramic mug for 13 years.  However, they have been in the industry for many more.  Indeed, as we look forward, often the history of restaurants and companies alike can be seen in the progression of these purchased throughout the years. The imprint you put on your mug defines your business, your place in the world - don't trust such a valuable purchase to the lowest bidder!  Here at Adco Marketing we can design a beautiful ceramic mug that you will treasure for years to come.