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Cooler Bags

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Custom Cooler Bags & Promotional Cooler Types and Uses
A popular category in the Spring and Summer months, the custom cooler bag or promotional coolers are great for company giveaways at corporate picnics, corporate golf tournaments or as a lunch cooler bag for your workforce year round.  Our custom cooler bags can be name brand such as Igloo and Coleman, or budget eco friendly cooler bags made with non-woven poly propylene that typically contains recycled material and are recyclable.

Custom Cooler Bag Sizes and Sytles
Our most popular promotional cooler on the site is the 6-pack cooler bag.  As in the name, this cooler bag is designed to hold a 6-pack can of soda or drinks and is also a great size for a custom lunch cooler.  

We also carry the 12-can cooler bag, 24-can cooler bag and the 48-can rolling bags.  These can be viewed in our overall cooler bag section.  Additionally, we carry the custom tub coolers which are great for parties and large events.  These come in a variety of colors including the new fiesta cooler tub!  Size is such an important consideration - ask for samples to be sure your items will fit.  Often we are asked for the 12 can cooler for golf tournament gifts.  The 24 can cooler works for those major corporate gifts and executive gifts.  How to buy those large coolers?  Ask to see our very important cooler material list.  Whether you need a soft cooler or hard cooler we offer a wide variety of items.

In the hard sided cooler, we carry everything from Custom Igloo Lunch Coolers and Coleman Coolers to large Yeti camping coolers all with your logo.  We have name brand custom hard sided coolers like Igloo and Thermos as well as generic brand styles as well.  The hard sided coolers are more popular as executive gifts in the large sizes, and workforce gifts for the lunch size.  Igloo coolers take a bit longer to produce as they are done at the Igloo factory - but think of these for your southern clients even at the holidays as they make great holiday gifts as well.

Custom Cooler Bag Materials
As recently as just a year or two ago, most soft sided cooler bags were constructed using PVC lining which, by nature, could contain trace amounts of lead.  In order to reduce or eliminate this problem, the vast majority of our manufacturers are now switching to more eco friendly linings like FDA compliant PEVA lining.  This will make your custom cooler bag safer.  We are often asked for lead safe coolers and lead free coolers - we can guide you in the appopriate coolers that match California lead guidelines as well.

Rush Custom Coolers and Promotional Cooler Bags
Since a lot of outdoor company events are last minute, we have hundreds of custom cooler bag styles that can be rushed in 1-working day or less.   From the promotional 6-pack cooler bag to the large rolling coolers, we can get you your cooler with your logo on time - and typically without a rush charge!  Producing our cooler bags in 24 hours has really helped those last minute budgets.  Indeed, we specialize in logo coolers, tournament coolers, and large logo coolers for a reason - our suppliers are very reliable, we have a very quick production time, and are fun to work with too!  Call 888-332-ADCO for advice on your next promotional cooler order.

Summer marketing promotions, back to school promotions, health fairs and more all are perfect for a custom cooler bag or logo cooler bag project.  Call 888-332-ADCO for additional promotional cooler ideas or email

To See Our Custom Cooler Bags, Promotional Cooler and More - Click Here!