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Custom Towels by Adco Marketing

About Promotional Towels

Towels are one of our favorite promotional items, because they last a long time and make fantastic custom souvenirs.  Due to their high perceived value, customers believe you spent much more than you did.   From golf towels to beach towels, whether for a golf tournament, conference beach retreat, or for resale in gift shops, Adco Marketing provides a wide variety of thicknesses and styles.

For towels, there are many types.  Our main sellers are golf towels, rally towels, beach towels and sport towels.

Golf Towels

Golf towels promote a golf tournament, but also are the perfect size for workout towels as well.  These custom golf towels come in a variety of styles and with different options, including our highly suggested grommet with a hook. This can be used to hook the towel to your golf bag  Another style is the trifold, which makes for a really nice presentation.  Be careful!  White golf towels are the least expensive, but show the most dirt!  So use this one for the budget golf towel instead.

The weight of the towel is the next thing to look for.  Usually, the weight is per dozen.  The higher the weight per dozen, the higher the quality of the towel.

The weave or material of the towel is critical for presentation as well.  There is the standard velour, which is typically fine for all-purpose use.  Some people like a different weave, like a jacquard pattern, which provides a different texture.  There is also microfiber full color which can be very soft but is much thinner.  But great for your golf tournament or golf club photo presentation.

Next is the imprint method.  Typically, we screen, or provide a tone-on-tone imprint, embroidery or a full color imprint.  Screens are usually for the less expensive towels and are a good way to have a large imprint area.  Tone on tone is like a screen but gives a subtle higher end look to the towel.  Embroidery is typically for your higher end towels and is generally considered a more sophisticated look.  Full color, either by a digital imprint or dye sublimation, is relatively new and gaining in popularity.  It has almost no limit as to what can be imprinted but the material that is imprinted is typically a smoother material than your regular towel.  On full color golf towels, we suggest a dual material towel, where you clean the golf clubs or tees on the opposite side of the imprint.

Rally Towels

Rally towels are generally for sporting events and are typically made of lower weight terry cloth material.  They are great to promote your school team and come in a large variety of colors.  They are typically on the small to medium size so they can be waved without hurting your neighbor.  High school fundraisers, and football promotions for teamwork are a unique way to use our custom rally towels.

Beach Towels

Beach towels have increased in quality and imprint methods in the past few years.  Like above, weight matters.  This is typically in weight per dozen and the higher the number, typically the thicker the towel.

Beach towels now come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and decorating methods.  These towels take special screens to print as the imprint can be quite large - sometimes over 6 feet long.  And now, we are proud to offer full color imprinted beach towels.  Typically made of a different material than your regular beach towel, they are usually lighter but have a big bang on your advertising space!  And they grab your attention . . . .

If you want a subtle look, you can also embroider on a beach towel, but we do love the large imprint areas a screen print provides.

Sport Towels

Custom sport towels are typically for gyms, spas or sport teams.  They are a medium-sized towel that have all the properties of the above towels including imprint options and weights.  One innovation are the germ resistant towels like the Cleen Freek towels. They contain an antimicrobial patented solution that inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold and mildew.  These are great to keep your gym nice and clean.


From Golf Towels to Beach Towels - these promotional items are a great way to show off your logo with a product that will last.  Call us at 888-332-ADCO (2326) anytime to discuss your towel needs!