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Promotional Stress Balls & Custom Stress Balls by Adco Marketing


Promotional Stress Balls & Custom Stress Balls
Always a popular trade show giveaway, the promotional stress ball has come a long way since the early days or your simple round ball.  We now carry thousands of shapes related to almost any industry including the very popular earth shaped stress ball or reliever.  Additionally, at larger quantities we can produce custom molds making a unique promotional item for your company.

Promotional Stress Ball Materials
Promotional stress balls are typically constructed of squeezable polyurethane.  Because they are hand made, no two stress balls are the same and some distortion of the imprint can be expected and ink coverage can vary.  However, since this material is so maleable, they can also be made into unique custom shapes with a custom mold. 


Custom Stress Reliever Process
For larger quantities, a custom stress reliever mold The custom stress reliever mold is typically produced and run overseas for cost savings and delivery times vary from 6 to 8 weeks.  Like our standard promotional stress balls, the custom stress reliever is typically hand painted so no two custom stress reliever are the same.

Promotional Stress Balls Printing
One of the biggest mistakes made with the promotional stress ball is the logo type or size.  On the vast majority of the promotional stress balls and relievers in the market, the imprint area is small and does not hold a lot of information.  We strongly suggest that the logo be a simple one color with simple contact information like a phone number.  Unless it is a larger imprint item, we do not suggest adding taglines to the promotional stress ball imprint.  Most stress balls are imprinted by pad method on a curved surface and, due to the nature of stress balls, on a squeezable polyurethane.   Due to this, some detail in the imprint may be lost.  The best way to see if your imprint will work on a certain promotional stress reliever is to email us at sales@adcomarketing.com and we can advise you on your logo.