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Rush Promotional Items, Rush Promotional Products & Trade Show Giveaways

Adco Marketing - Specializing in Rush Promotional Items and Trade Show Giveaways

What Customers Need Rush Production? 

An annual convention that sneaks up on you faster than you thought, and at the last minute you realize your custom banners still have last year's date imprinted.   Your journals and notebooks have a new sponsor and that sponsor took an extra two weeks to get the logo to you.  Or your non-profit needs gifts for the board members at the last minute and the fundraising chair from last year deleted all the emails with the supplier list accidentally.  Your gorgeous destination wedding plans did not involve rain and custom umbrellas are needed in just two days.  All of these kinds of calls happen at Adco Marketing daily.  We love "saving the day" with our rush promotional products produced in 24 hours.  Unlike our competitors, most of our rush products have no additonal rush fee!

Rush Custom Tote Bags & Promotional Bags - The Original Rush Item

One of our original rush promotional items and still our most popular are our rush tote bagsCustom Tote Bags are great for trade shows and conferences and with our selection of hundreds of rush tote bags, we can make your next trade show successful.  Our Rush Bags have expanded to any type of bag you can imagine - from paper bags, canvas bags, light weight trade show bags up to high end laptop backpacks.

How Do We Produce So Fast?

How our production facilities typically work is to get artwork, order and quantity.  They take the artwork, place it on a mock image and do a paper proof showing your imprint on the item.  That typically happens in 24 to 48-hours and then is sent to the client for approval or changes.  When approved, the factory takes the artwork and produces a screen or plate which can take an additional day, then schedules the production of the product on the schedule.  In a few days it is produced, dried and shipped.  The entire process typically takes 5 to 7-working days.

For Rush Production promotional items, we submit the order, proof is waived  (but we email with the customer internally to assure the product details and art are correct), and then our top suppliers produce the screen or plate during the night and run the product the next day. UPS and Fed ex trucks are lined up outside the warehouses sending out product via overnight shipping or ground.

As printing technology improves, now the majority of the items on our site can now be rushed even items with full color images!

Do Last Minute Tradeshow Gifts and Rush Production Items Cost More?

Typically one color printed items have no additional charge for 24-hour production.  That's right!  FREE RUSH.  See this symbol all over our site to let you know when that is possible.  Or better yet give us a call.  Here at Adco Marketing we make sure your rush items also produce and ship from the closest possible destination.  If you need product in New York, we can ship bags, mints, candies and umbrellas from New York itself.  If you are more remote, perhaps Alaska we might need to ship from Washington to try to save on that budget.  Just because you are in a rush doesn't always mean overnight shipping is needed.  Our expert experienced staff can save you money even in a rush.  We can make it happen - fast!  Call 888-332-ADCO (2326) or email us at sales@adcomarketing.com for the best quality rush items around.